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Compiled toy 


Uewport, R. I. 






John P. Sanborn, Steam Book, and Job Printer. 
18 7 8. 

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The Tilley family in this country covers a period of two hundred and 
fifty years. As generation after generation has passed away, much ofthe 
early history ofthe first members has been lost or destroyed. 

The object of the author has been to preserve all the important facts 
which could be gathered concerning his remote ancestors, and to give a 
complete genealogical table of their descendants. 

The difficulties which we encounter in collecting the genealogy of a 
family are briefly stated in the Genealogy of the Greenleaf Family, by 
Jonathan Greenleaf : — 

"Probably no person is aware of the difficulties and perplexities of col- 
lecting and arranging the. genealogy of a large family, but those who 
have tried it. Many families keep no records ; many others have but a 
few fragments, while in other cases we find a list of names, but no dates ; 
and, in some instances, dates of birth are withheld. Added to this, is the 
fact, that but few men are found who take much interest in genealogical 
researches, unless the possession of some large estate is in prospect ; and 
hence many inquiries are made, and many letters written which are 
never auswered." The author's experience has been similar. 

We commence the record with William Tilley, who came to this coun- 
try from England about 1660, although his cousin William, who was 
older, came over in the Abigail, June 19, 1635, at the age of twenty, but 
of him we can find no further record and only know that he was a cousin 
of William Tilley who settled in Boston in 1660, as we find from the 
record ofthe latter, wherein he says : ."I can find no trace of cousin Wil- 
liam who preceded me twenty-five years agone in ye ship Abigail." 

William Tilley was, by occupation, a rope-maker, and was no doubt the 
second one of his trade who came to this country, as we find from the 
records of Boston that "The business of rope-making appears to have been 
set up about 1641 by John Harrison." 

William Tilley , finding that his business would warrant the employ- 
ment of additional help, sent for the three sons of his uncle, Wm. Tilley of 
England, William, John and James, who came over and worked with him 
awhile, but for some reason they soon left Boston, William settling in 
Newport, John in New York, and James in New London. 

The record of the descendants of William (who settled in Newport) we 
have carefully compiled and bring it down to the present day. Of the 
others we are unable to find a complete record but their record as we pre- 
sent it is all that can be obtained. 


Newport, E,. I., December 1st, 1878, 





John Tilley of England. 

William of England. 

John of England. 




John of 

The three brothers who came • 
from England to work for 
their cousin AVilliam, the rope - 
maker of Boston. 

Elinor of 

Rope-maker of 
Boston, Mass. 




The rope-maker of Boston, born in England about 1641 ; 
died in Boston, 1717. Married for bis first wife, Isabella 

. She died, January 13, 1702. They had two chil- 

1. Isabella, 2. Grace. 

1. Isabella (Armitage). 

Born, May 23d, 1691 ; died . Married Eliezur 

Armitage, about July, 1709 ; their intention to marry was 
published, March 30, 1709. 

6 . Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 

2. Grace (Clarke). 

Born, Nov. 4th, 1692 ; died . Married Jonas 

Clarke, Nov. 24th, 1715. 

William Tilley, the rope-maker, married his second wife, 
Abigail Woodmancj*, Jan. 27th, 1703. She, after the death 
of her husband, married Judge Sewall of Boston, in 1718. 

The three cousins of William Tilley, the rope-maker, 
William, John and James, were much younger, and their 
genealogy we shall give under their respective heads. 

The oldest cousin, 

was born in Exeter, England, about 1685. He came to Boston, 
Mass., where he married his wife, Dorcas, in 1736. We can 
find no record of his death, nor that of his wife. It is sup- 
posed that he had but one child, who was born in Newport, 
R. I., where he established himself in business. His son 
William was born soon after their arrival in Newport. From 
this son we trace our record to the present day. 

The genealogy of John and James will follow that of 



Born Newport, Oct. 19th, 1738; died April 14th, 1825. 
Married, First, Elizabeth, daughter of Jeremiah and Patience 
Rogers in 1759.* She died Aug. 28th, 1800; age, 57 years. 

Second. Catherine Sabine, January, 1802. She died Oct. 
15th, 1817 ; age, 73 years. 

Third. Elizabeth Read, widow of Boone, Nov. 4, 

1821. She died Jan. 3d, 1836 ; age, 86 years. 

By his first wife, Deacon Tilley had 17 children, his sec- 
ond and third wives having none. 

Children of William and Elizabeth Tilley. 

I. Mary, VI. Thomas. 

II. William,! VII. Betsey,f 

III. William,! VIII. William, 

IV. Sarah, IX. Elizabeth, 
V. James, X. Dorcas, 

*Patience, wife of Jeremiah Rogers, died Sept. 23tli, 1802; age, 86 years. 
tDied in Infancy. 

Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 

XL George,! XIV. John, 

XII. Abraham, XV. George, 

XIII. Patience, XVI. Benjamin, 

XVII. Nancy. 


Mary B. (Swinburne). 
Born Newport, May 4th, 1760; died June loth, 1830. Mar- 
ried Daniel F. Swinburne, Esq., of Newport, R. I. He was 
born February 15th, 1760 ; died Jan. 6th, 1820. 

Children of Daniel and Mary Swinburne. 
Elizabeth, Thomas, 

Mary K., Lydia. 


Sarah (Burroughs). 
Born Newport, R. L, June 19th, 1764; died Nov. 17th, 
1830. Married Green Burroughs, Esq., who was born 1764, 
and died Feb. 28th, 1538. 

Children of Green and Sarah Burroughs. 
John, William, Mary, 

Abby, Samuel, Catherine, 

Thomas, Peleg, Greene. 

Betsey, Sarah Ann, 


James Tilley. 
Born Newport, R. I., Sept. 5th, 1765; died March 2d, 1800. 
Married, First, Rualmy, daughter' of Mr. Paul Coffin. She 
died Feb. 11th, 1787, a few months after their marriage ; age, 
21 years. Mr. James Tilley married for his second wife, Mary, 
daughter of Charles Barker, Esq. She died May 20th, 1806 ; 
age, 40 years. 

tDied in Infancy. 

Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 

Children of James and Mary Tilley. 

1. Rualmy, 3. Sarah, 

2. Mary, 4. William J. 

1. Rualmy (Remington). 
Born 1789; died February 1st, 1851. 
Married Peter P. Remington. He was born April 7th, 1783, 
and died August 24th, 1864. 

Children of Peter and Rualni} r Remington. 
Mary, Peter, Sarah. 

2. Mary (Babcock). 
Born May 27th, 1793 ; died Aug. 22d, 1850. 
Married April 13th, 1815, to Charles Babcock, Esq. He 
was born 1791, and died March 22d, 1866. 

Children of Charles and Mary Babcock. 

William, Henry, John. 

Charles, Mary, 

3. Saeah (Sherman). 

Born April 29th, 1797. 
Married Thomas Sherman, who was born April 16th, 1795, 
and died June 27th, 1840. 

Children of Thomas and Sarah Sherman. 
James, William, P. Remington, 

Eliza, Thomas, Clara. 

4. William James Tilley. 
Born July 9th, 1791 ; died July 2d, 1844. 
Married, First, Eliza, daughter of John Stockford of War- 
ren, R. I. She was born Sept. 8th, 1796, and died August 
18th, 1819. They had only one child. 

i. Mary Jane. , 

i. Mary Jane (Warner). 

Born July 24th, 1817. 
Married George Hazard, Esq. He was born in South 

Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 9 

Kingstown, R.I., August 24th, 1813, and died February 12th, 

1863. Mary Jane afterwards married Lucius Warner, Esq. 

He was born in Sinsbury, Conn., May 10th, 1809. 

William James Tilley married his second wife, Clarissa, 

daughter of Christopher Ellery, Esq., of Newport, R. I., 

September 1st, 1820. She died January 30th, 1852 ; age, 

52 years. 

Children of William J. and Clarissa Tilley. 

i. Eliza S., 2. StockfordE. 

i. Eliza S. Tilley. 
Born August 2d, 1821; died August 4th, 1821. 

2. Stockford E. Tilley. 
Born, Newport, R. L, December 15th, 1823. 
Married, in 1844, Phebe, daughter of Peter Barker, Esq., of 
Middletown, R. I. She was born February 1st, 1823. 
Children of Stockford E. and Phebe Tilley. 

A. Clara B., D. Herbert, 

B. William J., E. Clarence, 

C. Maria, F. Annie. 

A. Clara Bird (Prentis). 
Born May 15th, 1845; died April 26th, 1874. 
Married, Aug. 22d, 1867, William M. Prentis, of Fall River, 
Mass. He died November 10th, 1869 ; age, 27 years. They 
had one child, Grace. 

B. William James Tilley. 

Born, Middletown, R. L, November 15th, 1850. 

Married Mary Ann Gray. 

Children of Wm. J. and Mary Ann Tilley. 

a. Edwin E., b. Grace M., c. Emma M. 

a. Edwin E. Tilley. 
Born Bristol, R. I., 1874. 

b. Grace M. Tilley. 

' Born Bristol, R. I., 1876. 

c. Emma M. Tilley. 
Born Bristol, R. I., April, 1878. 

10 Genealogy of the Tilley Family, 

C. Maria E. Tilley. 

Born Middletown, R. I., March 9th, 1852. 

Died Bristol, R. I., January 16th, 1876. 

D. Herbert S. Tilley. 
Born June 18th, 1857. 

E. Clarence Tilley. 
Born April 16th, 1859. 

F. Annie Lincoln Tilley. 
Born May 24th, 1861. 


Thomas Tilley. 
Bom Newport, R. I., March 16th, 1767. 
Died June 16th, 1814. 
Married Mary, daughter of Capt. George Sinkins, Septem- 
ber 7th, 1788. She died October 8th, 1844; age, 76 years. 

Children of Thomas and Mary Tilley. 

1. Mary Ann E„ 6. Eleaza, 

2. Thomas R., 7. George S., 

3. Elizabeth A., 8. Catharine H., 

4. James, 9. William. 

5. Rebecca T., 

1. Mary Ann E. (Smith). 
Born July 28th, 1791; died Sept. 26th, 1866. 

Married Stephen Smith of Providence. 
Children of Stephen and Mary Ann Smith. 
Charles, Sarah, Mary Anna. 

Mary Ann, Rebecca, 

2. Thomas R. Tilley. 

Born September 14th, 1793, died . 

Married Mary Sweet. 

Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 


Children of Thomas and Mary Tilley. 

1. James S., 4 - Mary Ann, 

2. William, 5. Mercy, 

3. Thomas, e. Thomas. 

i. James S. Tilley. 
Born . 

2. William Tilley. 

Born . Died . 

3. Thomas Tilley. 

Born . Died . 

4. Mary Ann Tilley. 

Born . Died . 

5. Mercy Tilley. 

Born . Died . 

6. Thomas Tilley. 
Born . Died- 

3. Elizabeth A. (Pitman). 
Born Newport, R. 1., February 12th, 1797. 
Married June 15th, 1817, to William Pitman, Esq., who was 
born Middletown, R. I., July 16th, 1798; died Dec. 27th, 1838. 

Children of William and Elizabeth Pitman. 

Thomas T., 

William, \ ™ 7 - 

Charles D., \ Catharine T., Pemelia B. 

MaryE., Lydia B., | Twing 

Charles H., RebeccaT. \ 

4. Deacon James Tilley. 
Born Oct. 27th, 1800; died June 12th, 1877. 
Married April 10th, 1826, to Harriet, daughter of Thomas 
Melville. She was born June 13th, 1801. 

Children of James and Harriet Tilley. 
!. Harriet M., 4. Clara M., 

2. Julia N., 5. Abby F., 

3 . Henry C, 6 . Edwin M., 

7. Thomas J. 

12 Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 

1. Harriet M. (Thomas). 
Born March 16th, 1827. 
Married Dec. 21st, 1845, to Jesse Thomas. 
They have one child. 
Mary E. 

2. Julia N. (Roberts). 
Born November 3d, 1828. 
Married March 18th, 1858, to William S. Roberts. 

3. Henry C. Tilley. 

Born June 27th, 1830. Died Feb. 19th, 1852. 

4. Clara M. Tilley. 
Born May 4th, 1832. 

5. Abby F. Tilley. 
Born September 20th, 1834. 

6. Edwin M. Tilley. 
Born February 6th, 1837. 

Married January, 1860, to Sarah Bradley. 

Children of Edwin M. and Sarah Tilley. 

A. Emma, C. Edwin, 

B. Harriet, D. Frank. 

A. Emma Tilley* 
Born Sept. 19th, 1862. 

B. Harriet Tilley. 
Born Dec. 20th, 1865. 

C. Edwin Tilley. 
Born June 10th, 1872. 

D. Frank Tilley. 
Born April 19th, 1874. 

7. Thomas J. Tille} r . 
Born June 25th, 1841. 

Married Elizabeth B. Wilson, Jan. 23d, 1861. They have 
one child. 

Genealogy of the Tilley Family* 13 

A. Henry Co 

A. Henry C. Tilley. 
Born August 30th, 1863. 

5. Rebecca T. (Burlingham). 
Born May 8th, 1801. Died Dec. 23d, 1863. 
Married William Burlingham, who was born June 9th, 1797, 
and died May 3d, 1852. They had one child. 

6. Eleaza Tilley. 
Born Sept, 11th, 1803; died Sept. 21st, 1803. 

7. George S. Tilley. 

Born April 7th, 1805. Died Dec. 28th, 1872. 
Married Oct. 13th, 1833, to Frances, daughter of John Hull. 

Children of George S. and Frances Tilley. 
i. John Henry. 2. Mary S. 

1. John Henry Tilley. 
Born August 25th, 1836. Died August 26th, 1848. 

2. Mary S. Tilley. 
Born August 31st, 1851. 

8. Catharine (Vose). 
Born May 31st, 1806. 

Married William S. Vose, Esq., of Newport, R. I. He was 
born May 27th, 1801. 

Children of William S. and Catharine Vose. 
1. Mary C, 2, William S. 

9. Rev. William Tilley. 

Born August 25th, 1808. 
Married, First, Eliza P. Amsbury,daughter of Israel Amsbury. 
She was born Sept. 29th, 1807, and died April 26th, 1875. 

14 Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 

His second wife, Mrs. Artilitta B. Weeks, was daughter of 
James Slade, Esq., of Jefferson, Maine. 

Children of William and Eliza P. Tilley. 

i. Thomas 4. William H., 

2 . Henry C, 5. George M., 

3. Catharine M., e. Lawinston G., 

7. Charles C. 

1. Thomas Tilley. 

Born Providence, R. I., May 10th, 1834. 
Married Chloe, daughter of Henry Larkin, Feb. 14th, I860. 
She was born, Troy, N. Y., August 20th, 1834. 


A. Annie C, C. Emma H., 

B. George H., D. Mary E. 

A. Annie C. Tilley. 

Born, Atchinson, Kansas, April 17th, 1861. 

B. George H. Tilley. 

Born, Morisana, Kansas, Nov. 1st, 1863. 

C. Emma H. Tilley. 

Born, Brown Co., Kansas, Sept. 20th, 1866. 

D. Mary E. Tilley. 

Born, Brown Co., Kansas, May 15th, 1868. 

2. Henry C. Tilley. 

Born Feb. 3d, 1837; died June 26th, 1843. 

3 . Catharine M. Tilley. 
Born July 4th, 1841; died Jan. 1st, 1859. 

4. William H. Tilley. 
Born April 15th, 1843. 
Married Emmiie F., daughter of Capt. Isaac McCurda, 
June 18th, 1868. She was born Sept. 4th, 1843, and died June 
7th, 1874. His second wife, Victoria, to whom he was married 
Sept. 11th, 1878, was daughter of Phineas P. Jones. She 
was born March 19th, 1853. 

Genealogy of the Tilley Family, 15 

Children of William H. and Emmiie F. Tilley. 
A. Charles A., B. Walter R., C. Harriet M. 

A. Charles A. Tilley. 
Born Aug. 24th, 1869. 

B. Walter R. Tilley. 
Born Oct. 29th, 1871. 

C. Harriet Mary Tilley. 
Born April 10th, 1874; died July 27th, 1874. 

5. George M. Tilley. 

Born Feb. 21st, 1845; died April 2d, 1864. 

6. Lawinston G. Tilley. 

Born Feb. 4th, 1847. 

Married Maria, daughter of William Brown, of Sidney, Me. 

No children. 

7. Rev. Charles C. Tilley. 

Born January 12th, 1850. 

Married Lydia, daughter of William Rathburn, of Prov.. R. I. 


William Tilley, Jr. 
Born Newport, R. I., Dec. 26th, 1769; died Aug. 20th, 1841. 
Married Mary C, daughter of William Coggeshall, Esq., 
Oct. 17th, 1806. She was born April 27th, 1783, and died 
April 29th, 1830. 

Children of William and Mary Tilley. 

1. Elizabeth M., 4. Susan R., 

2. Henry H., 5. William C, 

3. Elizabeth M. R., 6. Mary S. 

1. Elizabeth Moore Tilley. 
Born July 27th, 1807; died Sept. 21st, 1808. 

2. Henry Hudson Tilley. 
Born July 2d, 1809 ; died Nov. 17th, 1830. 

16 Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 

3. Elizabeth M. R. Tilley. 
Born Feb. 17th, 1811 ; died Sept. lOtb, 1827. 

4. Susan R. Tilley. 
Bom April 22d, 1813 ; died June 24th, 1847. 

5. William C. Tilley. 
Born Jan. 20th, 1815; died Aug. 23d, 1878. 
Married April 25th, 1839, Ann G., daughter of John Card. 

Children of William C. and Ann G. Tilley. 
i. William H., 2. Frank Woolsey. 

1. William H. Tilley. 

Born April 26th, 1841 ; died Oct. 3d, 1848. 

2. Frank Woolsey Tilley. 
Born March 27th, 1846 ; died April 13th, 1847. 

6. Mary Swinburne Tilley. 
Born April 19th, 1818 ; died June 25th, 1844. 


Elizabeth (Cook). 

Born Newport, R. L, Feb. 27th, 1771 ; died May 13th, 1835. 
Married Ruben Cook, Esq. He was born Jan. 7th, 1779 ; 
died Nov., 1814. 

Children of Ruben and Elizabeth Cook. 

Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Isaac, 

Betsey, Isaac, Ruben, 

Lydia, Catharine, Mary Ann. 


Dorcas (Cook). 
Born Newport, R. I., June 25th, 1772; died June 10th, 1843. 
Married Clarke Cook, Esq. He died Aug. 17th, 1817 ; age, 
49 years. 

Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 17 

Children of Clarke and Dorcas Cook. 

Godfrey, Mary, 

George, Sarah, 

Eliza, Henry, 

Hannah, Charles, 

William, John. 


Abraham D. Tilley. 

Born Newport, R. I., May 29th, 1775; died June 5th, 1845. 

Married Ruth N., daughter of Capt. William Tew, Sept. 

3d, 1798. She died March 25th, 1857 ; age, 77 years. 

Children of Abraham D. and Ruth N. Tilley. 

1. Eliza R., 6. Charlotte, 

2. Sarah T., 7. Abraham H., 

3. Mary T., 8. James, 

4. William T, 9. Thomas S. 

5. Nancy, 10. Ruth A., 

11. George. 

1. Eliza R. (Peckham). 
Born Dec. 23d, 1800 ; died March 16th, 1854. 
Married Joshua Peckham. He died Sept. 27th, 1871 ; age, 
73 years. 

Children of Joshua and Eliza R. Peckham. 
Abraham T., Thomas S., Nancy C, 

Ruth T., Charlotte S., Joshua, \ ™ • 

William T., Sarah I., John H., ' 

Mary E., Rebecca H., James T. 

Michael E., Charlotte H., 

2. Sarah T. (Hazard). 
Born Dec. 7th, 1802 ; died July 30th, 1870. 
Married Mumford Hazard, Nov. 8th, 1821. He was born 
Feb. 1st, 1802 ; died Nov. 13th, 1876. 

Children of Mumford and Sarah Hazard. 
George M., James T., Mary S., 

Benjamin I., William W., Thomas T. 

Charles H., Sarah E., 

18 G-enealogy of the Tilley Family. 

3. Mary T. (Seabuiy). 
Born Sept. 24th, 1804 ; died Jan. 14th, 1843. 
Married Peleg Seabury, Esq., of Lynchburg, Va. He was 
bom May 3d, 1801. 

Children of Peleg and Mary Seabury. 
Mary I., Robert M., 

William J., John Kirkpatrick, 

Peleg S., Edward C. 

Eliza M., 

4. Wm. Tew Tilley. 
Born Aug. 21st, 1806 ; died June 10th, 1866. 
Married, First, Caroline, daughter of Capt. Samuel Philips, 
July 10th, 1832. She died Dec. 25th, 1837 ; age, 28 years. 

His second wife was Mary A., daughter of Thomas Bush, 
Esq. She was born Sept. 21st, 1810; died June 16th, 1860. 
She had no children. 

Children of William T. and Caroline Tilley. 

!. Caroline Amelia, 2. Samuel Philips, 

3. Caroline A. 

1. Caroline Amelia Tilley. 

Born July 6th, 1833; died Nov. 26th, 1833. 

2. Samuel P. Tilley. 
Born Feb. 24th, 1835 ; died April 4th, 1835. 

3. Caroline A. (Wood). 

Born , 1838. 

Married William M. Read of Providence, R. I. He was 
born April 7th, 1834 ; died Aug. 28th. 1865. 

Children of William and Catharine Read. 
Leo, William. 

Mrs. William M. Read married her second husband, Mr. 
Joseph Q. Wood of Boston, Mass., Oct 1st, 1866. 

5. Nancy (Congdon). 
Born July 20th, 1808. 

Married William P Congdon June 26th, 1830. He was 
born March 12th, 1807. 

Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 19 

Children of William P. and Nancy Congdon. 
William C, George R., James C, 

Charlotte, George, John C, 

Ruth A., Sarah P., Martha D., 

Sarah P., Robert R., John C. C. 

6. Charlotte (Easton). 

Born March 27th, 1811 ; died April 4th, 1854. 

Married Benjamin Easton, Esq., Dec. 2.0th, 1835. He was 

born Nov. 17th, 1809. 

Children of Benjamin and Charlotte Easton. 

Henry, Mary, Thomas, 

Benjamin, Kate, Ruth A. 

7. Abraham H. Tilley. 
Born Sept. 20th, 1813. 

Married, First, Esther A., daughter of Arnold Barker. 
She was born March 2d, 1816 ; died Aug. 4th, 1840. 
Children of Abraham H. and Esther Tilley. 
i. George W. T., 2. Esther A. 

1. George W. T. Tilley. 
Born April 11th, 1838. 
Married Oct. 29th, 1857, Elizabeth C, daughter of John 
Easton. She was born Jan. 7th, 1838. They have had several 
children, but all died in infancy, except James Easton 
Tilley, who was born Oct. 9th, 1868 ; died Sept. 11th, 1869. 
2. Esther Ann (Nason). 
Born Dec. 7th, 1839. 
- Married April 30th, 1862, to George Nason. He was 
born March 14th, 1840. 

Children of George and Esther Nason. 

Ella, Charles, Hattie. 

Abraham H. Tilley married, for his second wife, Celinda, 

daughter of Arnold Barker. She was born March 24th, 1823. 

Children of Abraham H. and Celinda Tilley. 

3 . Mary S., 6. Edna C, 

4. William C, 7. Abraham A., 

5. Hattie B., 8. Herbert C. 

3. Mary S. (Pullen). 
Born March 19th, 1843. 

20 Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 

Married Randall Pullen, Nov. 26th, 1867. He died Oct. 3d, 
1868 ; age, 38 years. They had only one child. 


4. William C. Tilley. 

Born Sept. 12th, 1844 ; died July 24th, 1845. 

5. Hattie B. (Popple). 
Born September 24th, 1846. 

Married Dec. 18th, 1872, J. M. Popple. He was born 
May 23d, 1834. 

e. Edna C. (Chace). 
Born January 1st, 1849. 
Married July 30th, 1874, John F. Chace. He died April 
19th, 1876 ; age, 26 years. They had one child. 
J. F. Chace, Jr. 

7. Abraham A. Tilley. 
Born January 11th, 1852. 

Married Sept. 9th, 1874, Nebraska, daughter of Joshua C. 
Brown. She was born June 23d, 1854. 

Children of Abraham A. and Nebraska Tilley. 

A. Jennie E., B. Mary P. 

A. Jennie E. Tilley. 
Born April 24th, 1876. 

B. Mary P. Tilley. 
Born July 31st, 1878. 

8. Herbert C. Tilley^. 
Born Sept. 27th, 1860. 

8. James Tilley. 
Born Dec, 1816 ; died Nov. 22d, 1827 

9. Thomas S. Tilley. 
Born Sept, 9th, 1818 ; died Oct. 18th, 1877. 
Married Annie E., daughter of William Lovie, July 27th, 
1842. She was born June 28th, 1817. 

Children of Thomas and Annie Tilley. 
i. William L., 4. Benjamin H., 

2. Thomas S., Jr., 5. Abbie R. 

3. George H., 

Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 21 

i. William Lovie Tilley. 
Born May 29th, 1843. 
Married, First, to Elizabeth J. A) ers, Dec. 25th, 1866. 
She was born April 25th, 1850 ; died March 17th, 1874. 
They had four children. 

A. Mary E., C. , 

B. Thomas S., D. Carrie S. 

A. Mary E. Tilley. 

Born March 24th, 1868. 

B. Thomas S. Tilley. 

Born Feb. 8th, 1870. 

C. Infant Daughter. 

Born Oct. 28th, 1871 ; died June 8th, 1872. 

D. Carrie S. Tilley. 
Born Dec. 13th, 1873. 

William Lovie Tilley married, for his second wife, Kate, 
daughter of Z. L. Hammond, Esq., Oct. 19th, 1875. She 
was born June 15th, 1844 ; died June 8th, 1877. They 
had one child. 
E. Percival. 

E. Percival Tilley. 
Born April 5th, 1877. 

William Lovie Tilley married his third wife, Mary E., 
daughter of William G. and Lyclia Sherman, and widow of 
George P. White, April 24th, 1878. She was born Jan. 
28th, 1844. 

2. Thomas S. Tilley, Jr. 
Born August 27th, 1850; died Jan. 21st, 1851. 

3. George H. Tilley. 

Born April 19th, 1852; died Jan. 25th, 1858. 

4 . Benjamin H. Tilley. 

Born Dec. 20th, 1853 ; died May 8th, 1854. 

s. Abbie P. Tilley. 

Born July 14th, 1855. 

10. Ruth A. (Powell). 
Born Sept. 7th, 1821. 

Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 

Married James C. Powell. Be was born in Bristol, R. I., 
July 27th, 1822; died, Newport, R. I., Sept. 14th, 1865. 
Children of James C. and Ruth A. Powell. 
James T., Carrie, 

Charlotte, Frank, 

Abb} r , Charles., 

11. George Tilley. 
Born Feb. 21th, 1821. 


Has one child. 

Joseph Boutelle Tilley. 


Patience (Hudson). 
Born Newport, R. I., Aug. 6th, 1776 ; died June 1st, 1847. 
Married H. J. Hudson, Esq. He was born Jan. 12th, 
1776 ; died Oct, 4th, 1851. 
No children. 


John Tabour Tilley. 
Born Newport, R. I., April 5th, 1778 ; died Aug. 23d, 1828. 
Married Margaret,* daughter of John and Sarah B. 
Nicoll, April 20th, 1800. She was born March 23d, 1780; 
died Oct. 21st, 1864. 

Children of John T. and Margaret Tilley. 

1. Sarah R., 5. Charles N., 

2. John TV, Jr., 6. William J., 

3. Ann Bouton, 7. Margaret Hoffman, 

4. Mary S., 8. Margaret Tew. 

9. Benjamin J. 

1. Sarah R. (Lawton). 
Born Jan. 12th, 180 L ; died March 26th, 1837. 
Married Capt. James E. Lawton, Oct 5th, 1828. He was 
born June 22d, 1801. 

Children of Capt. James E. and Sarah R. Lawton. 
William H., John, Nicholas. 

Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 


2. John T. Tilley, Jr. 

Born Feb. 22d, 1802 ; died Dec. 17th, 1874. 
Married Amelia, daughter of William Tew, Dec. 22d, 
1824. She was born Jan. 11th, 1799. 

Children of John T. and Amelia Tilley. 
i. Charlotte S., 2. Ruth Amelia., 3. Carrie. 

1. Charlotte S. (Lawton). 
Born Nov. 26th, 1825. . 
Married William H. Lawton March 26th, 1850. He was 
born Oct. 18th, 1822. 

Children of William and Charlotte Lawton. 
Thomas A., Charles H., 

William H., Charlotte A. 

2. Ruth Amelia (Champlin). 
Born Sept, 21st. 1858. 
Married Oliver H. P. Champlin of Buffalo, N. Y., Oct. 1st, 
1856, in Lebanon, Conn., Nov. 21st, 1818. 

Children of Oliver H. P. and Ruth Amelia Champlin. 
Amelia T., Henry S., Lizzie T., 

Stephen C, Oliver H. P., Carrie M. 

3 . Carrie T. (Wilson). 
Born Dec. 25th, 1837. 

Married, First, Oct. 4th, 1859, to Joseph E. Kline. He died 
Dec. 1st, 1864 ; age, 26 years. They had one child. 

John Everett. 

Carrie T. was married second to RobertWilson, July 11th, 
1867. He was born Aug. 6th, 1824. 

Children of Robert and Carrie Wilson. 

Robert, Joseph K., Oliver C. 

3. Ann Bouton Tilley. 
Born March 11th, 1804 ; died May 16th, 1839. 
Not married. 

4. Mary S. (McKenzie). 
Born Dec. 23d, 1805; died April 23d, 1869. 

24 Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 

Married September 15th, 1833, to Rev. James A. McKen- 
zie. He was born 1813 ; died April 10th, 1873. 

Children of Rev. James A. and Mary S. McKenzie. 
Alice H., Sarah Ann, 

James A., Sarah Jane, 

John T., Joseph P. 

5. Charles N. Tilley. 
Born September 16th, 1808. 
Married Abby, daughter of Henry Chappell, Nov. 3d, 
1830. She was born Dec. 22d, 1810. They have one child. 
i. John Henry. 

!• John Henry Tilley. 
Born Aug. 29th, 1831. 
Married Louise, daughter of Joseph Marsh, March 23d, 
1856. She was born Sept 26th, 1834. 
No Children. 

6. William J. Tilley. 
Born Oct. 5th, 1811. 
Married Jane, daughter of Simeon Barker of Middletown, 
R. I., Sept 11th, 1838. She was born Jan. 5th, 1820. 
Children of William J. and Jane Tilley. 
i. William H., s. Emma, 

2. Simeon B., 4 . William J., Jr. 

i. William H. Tilley. 
Born Nov. 12th, 1840; died Nov. 5th, 1843. 

2. Simeon B. Tilley. 
Born Sept, 4th, 1843. 

3. Emma J. (Perry). 
Born Jan. 6th, 1846. 

Married Herbert L. Perry of Boston, Mass. Fie was born 
April 4th, 1842. 
No Children. 

Grenealogy of the Tilley Family. 25 

4. William J. Tilley, Jr. 
Born June 17th, 1848. 
Married Addie, daughter of John P. Holmes, of North 
Easton, Mass. She was born August 23d, 1844. 

Children of William J. and Addie Tilley. 
A. William J., 3d., B. Lettie Louise. 

A. William J. Tilley, 3d. 

Born in North Easton, Mass., October 14th, 1868. 

B. Lettie Louise Tilley. 

Born in Providence, R. I., December 1st, 1875. 

7. Margaret H. Tilley. 
Born April 17th, 1818 ; died September 17th, 1818. 

8. Margaret Tew (Lawton). 
Born March 16th, 1820 ; died October 8th, 1862. 
Married Capt. James E. Lawton, November 14th, 1839. 
He was born June 22d, 1801. They had one child. 
Benjamin James. 

9. Benjamin J. Tilley. 
Born November 20th, 1821 ; died July 31st, 1866. 
Married Mary C, daughter of Capt. Edward E. Taylor, 
December 2d, 1849. She was born June 24th, 1825. They 
had one child. 

!. Risbrough H. Tilley. 

i. Risbrough H. Tilley. 
Born September 1st, 1850. 
Married Susie J., daughter of Frederick A. Barlow, No- 
vember 23d, 1874. She was born November 28th, 1854. 
They have one child. 
A. Edith May. 

A. Edith May Tilley. 
Born December 19th, 1875. 

26 Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 

Deacon George Tilley. 
Born November 18th, 1780 ; died April 29th, 1843. 
Married, first, Content, daughter of James Larkin. She 
died June 21st, 1807 ; age, 28 years. 

Children of George and Content Tilley. 
1. James L., 2. George W. 

1. James L. Tilley. 

Born September 1st, 1805 ; died November 27th, 1844. 
Married Ann Ward. She died April 10th, 1873 ; age, 61 

Children of James L. and Ann Tilley. 
i. Mary Elizabeth, 2. James Harrison. 

t. Mary Elizabeth (Slocum). 
Born July, 1833. 
Married, first, James H. BetofT. He was born July, 1826. 
They had one child. 
Emma Louise. 
Mary Elizabeth married, second, Edmond D. Slocum, July 
12th, 1866. He was born August, 1835. 

Children of Edmond D. and Mary E. Slocum. 
Lena R., Mary E., 

Susan G., Edmond D. 

2 . James Harrison Tilley. 
Born 1840; died April 27th, 1845. 

2. George W. Tilley. 
Born January 25th, 1804 ; died December 8th, 1860. 

Deacon George Tilley married for his second wife Mary, 
daughter of William Lawton, of Portsmouth, R. I. She 
died September 8th, 1864 ; age, 75 years. 

Children of George and Mary Tilley. 

G-enealogy of the Tilley Family. 27 

3. Mary, 7. William L., 

4. Edward L., 8. Robert L., 

5. Charles C, 9. Aaron S., 

6. Sarah, 10. Elizabeth. 

3. Mary (Finch). 
Born February 22d, 1810. 
Married Benjamin Finch, Esq., January 8th, 1835. He 
was born September 5th, 1806. 

Children of Benjamin and Mary Finch. 
James B., Emma, 

Sarah, George T. 

4. Edward L. Tilley. 
Born October 8th, 1812 ; died October 25th, 1862. 
Married, first, Mary C, daughter of Daniel U. Boone, 
June 14th, 1838. She died July 5th, 1846 ; age, 33 years. 

Children of Edward L. and Mary C. Tilley. 
i. Henry H., 2 . Catharine L. 

1 . Henry H. Tilley. 
Born May 6th, 1839. 
Married April 18th, 1864, Martha, daughter of Thomas 
Simpson. She was born January 28th, 1843. They have 
one child. 

A. Louis E. 

A. Louis E. Tilley. 
Born October 24th, 1871. 

2. Catharine (Lewis). 
Born September 15th, 1844. 
Married George E. Lewis, January 31st, 1867. He was 
born August 20th, 1843. 

Edward L. Tilley married, second, Catharine C, daughter 
of Robert Lawton, June 27th, 1850. She was born Novem- 
ber 28th, 1818. 

28 Genealogy of the Tilley Family* 

Children of Edward L. and Catharine C. Tilley. 
3. George W., 4. Herbert.- 

3. George W. Tilley. 
Born December 4th, 1856. 
4. Herbert Tilley. 
Born June 4th, 1858 ; died October 23d, 1858. 

5. Charles C. Tilley. 
Born September 29th, 1814 ; died May 13th, 1850. 
Married Rebecca H., daughter of Nathaniel Davis, April 
25th, 1836. She was born July 29th, 1815. They had one 

1. Charles H. 

1. Charles H. Tilley. 
Born April 15th, 1840. 
Married Phebe Ann Peckham, of Middletown, R. I., 
August 3d, 1865. She was born December 26th, 1837. 

Children of Charles H. and Phebe Ann Tilley. 
A. Charles E., B. Winnefried. 

A. Charles E. Tilley. 
Born April 30th, 1868. 

B. Winnefried Tilley. 
Born June 21st, 1870. 

6. Sarah Tilley. 
Born May 15th, 1817 ; died October 16th, 1848. 

7. William L. Tilley. 
Born January 15th, 1820. 
Married Elizabeth, daughter of Benjamin Chace. She 
was born January 19th, 1820. 

8. Robert L. Tilley. 

Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 29 

Born April 24th, 1823. 
Married Ann, daughter of Capt. Daniel Burdick. She 
was born June 23d, 1821. 

Children of Robert L. and Ann Tilley. 
i. Emma, 2. John B., 3 . Mira, 

1. Emma Tilley. 
Born January 13th, 1847. 
2. John B. Tilley. 
Born August 14th, 1850. 
Married Lillie L., daughter of Mrs. Julia Sweet, April 
30th, 1878. She was born January 5th, 1857. 

3. Mira Tilley. 
Born February 1st, 1863 ; died January 29th, 1873. 

9. Aaron S. Tilley. 
Born August 9th, 1824. 
Married Lydia, daughter of Pardon Handy, January 15th, 
1851. She died July 21st, 1872; age, 49 years. 

Children of Aaron S. and Lydia Tilley. 
1. Edgar H., 2. George A. 

1. Edgar H. Tilley. 
Born in Warren, R. I., November 17th, 1852. 
Married Caudis, daughter of Ashel S. Brainard, : 

She was born March 25th, 1856. They have one child. 
A. Etta Finch. 

A. Etta Finch Tilley. 
Born November 19th, 1875. 

2. George A. Tilley. 
Born in Newport, R. I., August 15th, 1855. 
Married Lydia, daughter of Thomas Clarke, Februrary 
9th, 1876. She was born December 21st, 1856. 

Children of George A. and Lydia Tilley. 
A. Frederic, B. Elsie Ann. 

30 G-eneology of the Tilley Family. 

A. Frederick Tilley. 

Born September 27th, 187& 

B. Elsie Ann Tilley. 

Born May 18th, 1878. 

10. Elizabeth R. (Hammett). 
Born February 20th, 1828. 
Married James H. Hammett, October 3d, 1849. 

Children of James and Elizabeth Hammett. 
Sarah, Lincoln, 

Louise, Lizzie, 

Frederick, Bessie. 


Benjamin Tilley. 
Born in Newport, R. L, September 7th, 1782 ; died May 12th, 

Married Racheal, daughter of Jonathan Simmons. She 
was born April 17th, 1783 ; died April 20th, 1860. 

Children of Benjamin and Racheal Tilley. 

1. William B., 5. Benjamin, 

2. Elizabeth, 6. Catharine 

3. Mary, 7. Charles, 

4. Nancy, 8. Racheal, 

9. George. 

1. William B. Tilley. 
Born in Newport, R, I., June 20th, 1814 ; died May 28th, 

Married Lydia, daughter of Palmer Brown, November 
29th, 1827. She was born October 12th, 1808. 

Children of William B. and Lydia Tilley. 
i. Benjamin, 5- Thomas C, 

2. Catharine, 6. Francis, 

3. William P., 7 . Lydia E. 

4. Edward M., 

G-enealogy of the Tilley Family. 31 

i. Benjamin Tilley. 
Born in Bristol, R. I., October 26th, 1828. 
Married Lucy B., daughter of Bennett Munroe, Novem- 
ber 20th, 1852. 

Children of Benjamin and Lydia B. Tilley. 

A. Kate, C. Louis C, 

B. Wilhelmina, D. William B. 

A. Kate Tilley. 

Born in Ogdensburgh, N. Y., June 3d, 1855. 

B, Wilhelmina Tilley. 

Born in Ogdensburgh, N. Y., August 23d, 1858. 

C. Louis Crawford Tilley. 

Born in Ogdensburgh, N. Y., July 22d, 1860. 

D. William B. Tilley." 

Born in Ogdensburgh, N. Y., October 20th, 1863. 

2. Catharine Tilley. 
Born in Bristol, R. I., October 10th, 1830 ; died in Taunton^ 
Mass., January, 1848. 

a. Wtlltam P. Tilley. 
Born in Bristol, R. I., June 28th, 1832. 
Married Anaster Molly, of Pittsburgh, N. Y., May 6th, 


*. Edwin M. Tilley. 
Born in Bristol, R, I., April 2d, 1835. 
Married Eliza A. Hare, of Ogdensburgh, N. Y., Novem- 
ber 8th, 1856. 

Children of Edwin and Eliza Tilley. 

A. William M„ C. Clara E., 

B. Mary Eva, D. George T., 

E. Jennie M. 

A. William M. Tilley. 
Born in Ogdensburgh, N. Y., July 3d, 1858. 

32 Greneology of the Tilley Family. 

B. Mary Eva Tilley. 

Born in Ogdensburgb, N. Y., October 3d, 1860. 

C. Clara E. Tilley. 

Born in Baltimore, Md., February 13th, 1864. 

D. George T. Tilley. 

Born in Princess Anne County, Va., July 23d, 1868. 

E. Jennie Molly Tilley. 

Born in Berkeley, Va., December 5th, 1872. 

5. Thomas C. Tilley. 
Born in Bristol, R. I., April 30th, 1842. 
Married Lois F. Miller, of Philadelphia, October 16th, 

Children of Thomas and Lois F. Tilley. 
A, Lydia L., B. Morris P. 

A. Lydia L. Tilley. 

Born in Berkeley, Va., July 11th, 1874. 

B. Morris P. Tilley. 

Born in Berkeley, Va., Frbruary 7th, 1876. 

6. Francis Tille}^. 
Born May 26th, 1845 ; died March 26th, 1846. 

?. Lydia Eva Ttilley. 
Born in Taunton, Mass., June 24th, 1847. 

2. Elizabeth (Munroe). 
Born September 1st, 1805. 
Married George B. Munroe, October 17th, 1824. He 
died May 13th, 1869 ; age, 70 years. 

Children of George B. and Elizabeth Munroe. 
William J., George W., Ann C. 

3. Mary (Church). 
Born April 22d, 1807 ; died February 23d, 1852. 
Married Samuel Church, of Bristol, R I., September 13th, 
1828. He was born February 13th, 1803. 

G-enealogy of the Tilley Family. 33 

Children of Samuel and Mary Church. 

Annie E., Mary C, Sarah, 

Samuel W., Thomas, Matilda, 

Benjamin, Eveline, Thomas. 

4. Nancy Tilley. 
Born October 6th, 1809 ; died October 4th, 1833. 

5. Benjamin R. Tilley. 
Born September 15th, 1811. 
Married Susan W., daughter of Samuel Easterbrook, No- 
vember 17th, 1832. 

Children of Benjamin R. and Susan VV. Tilley. 
i. , 5 . William J., 

2. Henry H., e. Benjamin F., 

3. Samuel E., ?. Kate, 

4. Susan E., 8 . George A., 

9. Annie P. 

Boy-^born August 19th, 1833 ; died August 20th, 1833. 
\ Henry H. Tilley. 
Born in Bristol, R. I., July 26th, 1834. 
Married Mary E. Darling, November 2d, 1858. 
8 . Samuel E. Tilley. 
Born March 28th, 1837 ; died August 10th, 1839. 
4 . Susan E. (Warner). 
Born January 14th, 1841. 
Married Oliver S. Warner, October 1st, 1872. 

Children of Oliver S. and Susan E. Warner. 
Mary G., Kate L., George D. 

5. Rev. William J. Tilley. 

Born in Bristol, R. I., September 16th, 1845. 

Married Catharine J. Travis, December 2d, 1873. 

6 . Benjamin F. Tilley. 

Born March 29th, 1848. 

34 Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 

Married Emily E. Williamson, June 6th, 1878. 

7. Kate (Allen). 
Born September 20th, 1850. 
Married Dr. William A. Allen, October 9th, 1878. 
8. George A. Tilley. 
Born in Bristol, R. I., August 20th, 1853 ; died March 14th, 

9. Annie P. Tilley. 
Born May 5th, 1856 ; died July 22d, 1856. 

6. Catharine Tilley. 
Born June 29th, 1814 ; died September 26th, 1838. 

7. Charles H. Tilley. 
Born October 26th, 1820. 
Married Ann E., daughter of Zenas L. Hammond, Esq., 
of Newport, R. I., November 2d, 1842. She was born 
August 25th, 1821. 

Children of Charles H. and Ann E. Tilley. 
i. Edwin H., 2. Racheal, 3. Mary E. 

j. Ediwn H. Tilley. 
Born January 14th, 1844. 
Married Josephine, daughter of Henry Barker, December 
18th, 1867. She was born June 12th, 1845. 

2. Racheal Tilley. 
Born April 26th, 1846 ; died September 19th, 1847. 
3. Mary E. (Brownell). 
Born September 7th, 1848. 
Married William S. Brownell. He was born August 
30th, 1847. 

Children of William S. and Mary E. Brownell. 
Charles T., William S., 

Mary S., George. 

8. Racheal S. Tilley. 
Born August 24th, 1825 ; died February 25th, 1827. 

Grenealogy of the Tilley Family. 35 

9. George Tilley. 
Born March 13th, 1828. 
Married Alphia, daughter of John Grey, of Bristol, R. I., 
October 25th, 1855. She was born May 27th, 1830 ; died 
March 7th, 1866. 

Children of George and Alphia Tilley. 
i. Julia, 2. Emma. 

i. J cilia Tilley. 

Born October 15th, 1858. 

2. Emma Tilley. 

Bom January 19th, 1862 ; died March 26th, 1876. 

George Tilley married for his second wife, Abbie A. 

Douglas, May 25th, 1873. She was born April 4th, 1844. 


Nancy (Tew). 
Born in Newport, R. I., March 22d, 1784 ; died August 13th, 

Married Capt. William Tew, June 1st, 1806. He died 
December 30th, 1829 ; age, 46 years. 

They had one child, Nancy, who died in infancy. 




John Tilley of England. 

William Tilley 
of England. 

John Tilley 
of England. 

William, John, James, John of 

The three brothers who came from England. 
England to work for their cous- 
in William, the Rope-maker of 
Boston, Mass. 

Elinor of 



of Boston, 


The second brother, 
was born in Edford, England, about 1687. He came to 
Boston with his brothers, William and James, to work fo r 
his cousin William the Rope-maker of Boston. Of John's 
wife we have no record nor of the time or place of his mar- 
riage. We find on the records of Boston several "John 
Tilleys" about 1720, but have no evidence that either is the 
John above mentioned. John Tilley left Boston for New 
York State, where his two sons were born. Of his death we 
can find no record. 

Children of John Tilley. 
I. Leonard, II. Samuel. 


Leonard Tilley. 
Born in Brooklyn, N. Y., where he lived until his mar. 

Grenealogy of the Tilley Family. 


riage, after which time he appears to have had a residence in 
Granby, Mass. We have record of only one of his children. 

1. Alexander. 

1. Alexander Tilley. 

Married Jernsha 

Children of Alexander and Jernsha Tilley. 
i. Leonard, 5. Rnth, 

2. Porter, 6. Jernsha, 

3. Orin, 7. Mary, 

4 . George, 8 . Sallie. 

l . Llonard Tilley. 
Had three daughters. 
A. Adalaide, B. Ruth, 

C. Jerusha. 

2. Porter Tilley. 
Married Asneth Buckland. 
They had three sons. 
A. Franklin, B. Albert, 

C. OrinE. 

Has six children. 

a. Hiram, 

b. Fernando^ 

c. Otis, 

A. Franklin Tilley. 

d. Luthern, 

e. Bell, 

f. May. 

Has two Children, 
a. George, 

B. Albert Tilley. 

b. Luella. 

C. Orin E. Tilley. 
Born November 17th, 1833, 
Married Julia E. Deney. 
They have no children. 

s. Orin Tilley. 

Has eight children. 

38 G-eneology of the Tilley Family. 

A. Leonard, 

E. Elisa, 

B. Lucian, 

F. Mary Ann, 

C. David, 

G. Antonett, 

D. Frank, 

H. Ellen. 

4. George Tilley. 

Has seven children. 

A. James, 

D. Hiram, 

B. Nor ris, 

E. Clarence, 

C. John, 

F. Maria, 

G. Eugene. 

B . Ruth (Bartlette). 

Married Luman Bartlette. 

They had three children. 

A. George, B. Luman, 

C. Amelia, 

6 . Jerusha (Thayer). 

Married Arnold Thayer. 

They have six children. 

A. Porter, C. William, 

E. Nelly, 

B. Nelson, D. Jerusha, 

F. Mary. 

7. Mary (Butterfield). 

Married David Butterfield. 

This family went to the West. They had 

several children, 

but of them we can obtain no record. 

8. Sallie (Sheldon). 

Married Isaac Sheldon. 

They have no children. 



Samuel Tilley. 

Born in Brooklyn, N. Y., about 1740. 

Married Mary Morgan, of Brooklyn, in 1765. 

Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 39 

Samuel Tilley left Brooklyn with the Loyalists in 1783, 
and settled in the parish of Gagetown, Queen's County, New 
Brunswick, where he died in 1820. His widow died at 
Portland, N. B., in 1834; age, 84 years. 

Children of Samuel and Mary Tilley. 

1. James, 2. Jacob, 3. Elizabeth, 

1. James Tilley. 
Born September 7th, 1773 ; died November 23d, 1850. 
Married Mary Chace. She was born April 7th, 1776 ; died 
July 7th, 1866." 

Children of James and Mary Tilley. 
i. Anna, 5. Phebe, 

2 . Thomas M., e. Samuel, 

3. James, ' # 7 - Charles, 

4 . Rebecca, ». Jacob. 

i.Anna (Morse). 
Born January 5th, 17P3 ; died April 18th, 1827. 
Married Benjamin Morse, September 5th, 1811. They re- 
moved to Ohio, U. S., where they both died. Some of their 
children still reside in Ohio. 

2 . Thomas M. Tilley. 
Born November 3d, 1795; died April 23d, 1871. 
Married Susan Ann Peters. April 5th, 1817. 
They have one child. 
A. Samuel L. Tilley. 

A. Samuel L. Tilley.* 
Born in Gagetown, New Brunswick, May 8th, 1818. 

Married Julia Handford, of St. John&. 

♦Samuel Leonard Tilley-^-Canadian Statesman; Educated at the Grammar 
School; Entered the assembly from St. Johns, N. B., in 1851; member of the 
Government and Provincial Secretary of N. B., November, 1854— May, 1855; re- 
appointed in July, 1857, and was leader of the Government and Provincial Sec- 
retary, April, 1866; delegate to Canada upon the question of Inter Colonial trade 
and railways, 1861; to the imperial Government on the same subject, 1861-2, and 
in 1866-7, minister of Customs in the Dominion Government, 1867-75; appointed 
Lieut. Gov., 1875; minister of Finance, 1878. 

40 G-eneology of the Tilley Family. 

3. James Tilley. 

Born February 24th, 1798 ; died 

Married Sarah Briggs, January 24th, 1822. 

4 . Rebecca Tilley. 
Born September 29th, 1801 ; died August 20th,- 

o. Phebe Tilley. 
Born February 21st, 1804 ; died June 25th, 1869. 
Married Samuel L. Peters, March 25th, 1825. 

e. Samuel Tilley. 
Born August 5th, 1809. 
Married Anna Goucher, September 24th, 1835. 

Children of Samuel and Anna Tilley. 

A. Mary A., D. Thomas H., 

B. Anna M., E. Ella G., 

C. Samuel L., F. Annie L. 

A. Mary (Goucher). 
Married Ambrose Goucher. 

B. Anna M. (Baker). 
Married R. Baker. 
They had one child. 

C. Samuel L. Tilley. 
Married E'iza Wiswell. 

Children of Samuel and Eliza Tilley. 

a. Harris A., c. Frederick, 

b. Mary A., d. Fanny H. 

Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 


D. Thomas H. Tilley, 
Married Levina Phinney. 
They have one child. 
Harry Clifford. 

E, Ella G. (Goucher). 
Married Inglis Goucher. 
They have two children. 
Laura G., 

Leonard G. 

F. Annie L. Tilley, 
No record received of her. 

7 . Charles Tilley. 

Rovn Arm'l 9th 1812- rlipr! 


Married Ann Plummer, February 20th, 1834. 

g. Jacob Tilley. 
Born April 10th, 1815 ; died December 


, 1856. 

Married Elizabeth Allurton, September 



2. Jacob Tilley. 
Married Charlotte Nicholson. 
They had five children. 





3. Elizabeth Tilley. 
Married Jeremiah Gove. 
They had three children. 
David, Charles, 



John Tilley of England. 

William Tilley 
of England. 

John Tilley 
of England. 

William, John, James, 

The three brothers who came from 
England to work for their cousin 
William, the Rope-maker of 
Boston, Mass. 






The youngest brother, 

James Tilley, the youngest of the three brothers, was born 
about 1686. \ After the death of his cousin William, he left 
Boston and settled in New London, about 1718. The first 
record we find of him in this place is in 1725, when he gave 
X10 towards the erection of the First Episcopal Church, of 
New London. He was not married until May 27th, 1742, at 
which time he married Hannah, daughter of John Savel, of 
New London. No record of the birth or death of his wife 
can be found, nor of his death. 

Grenealogy of the Tilley Family. 43 

Children of James and Hannah Tilley. 

1. Mary, 2. James, 

3. John. 

1. Mary Tilley. 
Born in New London, March 20th, 1743. 
No record of her marriage or death can be found. 

2. James Tilley. 

Born in New London, November 24th, 1744. 

Married, first, Mary, daughter of Jeremiah Miller, of New 

London,September, 1771. They had four children all of whom 

were born in New London. Mary, his wife, died September, 


Children of James and Mary Tilley. 
i. Elizabeth, s. William, 

2. James, 4. Mary. 

1. Elizabeth Tilley. 
Born April 16th, 1773; died February 11th, 1791. 

2. James Tilley. 
Born May 28th, 1777 ; died . 

3 . William Tilley. 

Born January 7th, 1781 ; died . 

Married Jerusha Huntington, of Norwich, Conn. She 
was born, 1771, and died in Newport, R. I., September 10th, 

They had two children. 
A. James, B. Minerva. 

A. James Tilley. 
Born in New London, Conn., 1818 ; died in Newport, R. I., 
June 17th, 1848. 

B. Minerva (Short). 

44 Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 

Born in New London ; died in France. 
Married Captain William Short. 

4. Mary Tilley. 

Born October 17th, 1783; died . 

James Tilley, married for his second wife Elizabeth, the 
sister of his first wife, June 15th, 1797. 

They had two children. 
&. Jeremiah M M — B . George. 

5 . Jeremiah M. Tilley. 
Born January 6th, 1798; died . 

6 . George Tilley. 
Born July 7th, 1799; died- 

The record of James Tilley, the youngest of the three 
brothers, is brief and incomplete. We can not find any of 
his descendants now living. Tilley Street, New London, was 
named after Mr. James Tilley, Sr., who was a large property 
holder in that city and the principal West India merchant 
in his vicinity. James and John, his sons, were partners and 
carried on their father's business after his death. 

-^IDDI'FieN? M® GQVWWWZ-**' 

Since the preceding pages have been in print we have ob- 
tained the following information, filling the blanks in many 
places where we had given up hopes of ever receiving the 
full record. 

Page P. — William James Tilley, son of Stockford E. and 
Phebe Tilley. Married Mary Ann Gray, January 7th, 1874. 
She was born in Dublin, Ireland, July 15th, 1851. The 
dates of the birth of his children should read as follows : 

Edwin E. Tilley, born May 10th, 1875. 

Grace M« Tilley, born January 20th, 1877. 

Emma M. Tilley, born March 27th, 1878 ; died October 
16th, 1878. 

Page 10. — Stephen Smith, husband, of Mary Ann, died 
September 9th, 1853 ; age, 72 years. 

Page 10. — Thomas R. Tilley, son of Thomas and Mary 
Tilley, died May 29th, 1866 ; his wife died September 2d, 
1877 ; age, 87 years. 

The dates of the birth and death of their children are as 
follows : 

2. William R. Tilley, born 1821; died September 27th, 

3. Thomas Tilley, born 1824; died February 24th, 1826. 

4. Mary Ann Tilley, born 1825 ; died August 21st, 1846. 

5. Mercy Tilley, born 1828 ; died June 15th, 1843. 

6. Thomas Tilley, born 1831 ; died April 16th, 1837. 
Page 20. — The name Chace on this page should read Chase. 
Page 22. — George Tilley, eleventh child of Abraham D. 

and Ruth N. Tilley, was born February 11th, 1824 ; he mar- 
ried Frances, daughter of Richard Cove, of Iowa, Decem- 
ber 27th, 1860. She was born March 1st, 1841. They have 
only one child, Joseph Boutelle Tilley, born January 13th, 
1868. « 

Page 29. — For Capt. Daniel Burdick, read Jh&mBurdick. 

•*TflE ]WE §F JFIWiEY*- 

is first found on the roll of the companions of William the 
Conqueror of England, in 1066. Since that date it is promi- 
nent in every county of England, France and Holland, and 
since 1620 in America. We do not pretend to find the origin 
of the name, but it is supposed to be French. The coat 
of arms of the Tilleys of France is the same as of 
the family of England to-day, and we present the same 
in the first pages of this book. The coat of arms of the 
Tillys of Holland is different and we can not, believe that 
they are of our family. In looking for prominent men bear- 
ing the name of Tilley, we find several who have been dis- 
tinguished for their eccentricity. The most noted of them 
is John Tilley, a celebrated general, who descended from 
a noble famity of Brussells. He was born in 1559 at Castle 
Tilley, in South Brabrant. At an early age, he entered the 
Society of Jesuits, which he quitted for the military profes- 
sion. After having signalized his courage in the imperial ser- 
vice of Hungary against the Turks, he commanded the troops 
of Bavaria, under Duke Maximilian, and distinguished 
himself in several battles from 1620-32. Tilley was a little, 
ugly man, with red hair, large whiskers, a pale face and pierc- 
ing eyes. He preserved the manners of a monk, and when 
at the head of an army was sober and continent. He was 
an enemy to parade and used to accompany the march of his 
troops in dishabille mounted upon a palfrey. He died of a 
wound received at the battle against the Swedish King, 
April 5 th, 1632. 

G-enealogy of the Tilley Family* 47 

Another eccentric Tilley was Sir Knight James Tilley, of 
Penntillie Castle, in the county of Cornwall, England. He 
was born in 1712, and is known in history as a celebrated 
atheist of the last age. He was a man of wit, and had by 
rote all the ribaldry and common-place gibes against relig- 
ion and scripture which are well suited to display rashness 
and folly, and to unsettle a giddy mind, but are an offence to 
men of sense. The brilliancy of Mr. Tilley's wit, however? 
led him to a degree farther than we often meet with in the 
annals of profaneness in general. The witty atheist in gener- 
al is satisfied with entertaining his contemporaries, but Mr. 
Tilley wished to have his sprightliness known to posterity. 
With this view, in ridicule of the resurrection he obliged his 
executors to place his dead body in his usual garb and in his 
elbow chair ; the chair to be placed in a large iron bowl, 
upon the top of a hill and to arrange on a table before him 
pen, ink, paper, &c. ; in this situation he ordered himself to 
be immured in a tower of such, dimensions as he prescribed, 
where he proposed, he said, patiently to wait the coming of 
the resurrection morn. All this was done, and the tower, 
still enclosing its tenant, remains a monument of his impiety 
and profaneness. 

Other Tilley s have been found who were not unlike Sir 
John and Sir James in their eccentricities, but our space for- 
bids that we mention more. 

-Hfcfp JFII1I1EY3 I]5 flUETO.: 


The first of the name of Tilley In America are Edward 
and John, who came with their families in the "May Flower," 
in 1620. Edward Tilley and Ann, his wife, both died during 
the severe winter of 1620-21. Henry Sampson and Humility 
Cooper, their cousins, came with them. The descendants of 
Henry Sampson can be traced to the present day. Humility 
Cooper returned to England in the spring of 1621. 

John Tilley and Elizabeth, his wife, both died during the 
winter of 1620-21. Elizabeth, their daughter, married John 
Howland on board of the "May Flower" before their arrival. 
The descendants of John and Elizabeth Howland can be 
traced to the present day, and we find that Benjamin How- 
land, Esq., formerly city clerk of Newport, R. I., was a mem- 
ber of this family. 

It has been supposed that the Tilley s now living in this 
country are descendants of John and Edward Tilley, who 
came over in the "May Flower," but such can not be the 
case, as Mr. Edward Tilley and his wife both died a few 
months after their arrival, leaving no children ; the other 
two members of his family were children of his aunt whose 
marriage we find in the English register. She wasthe widow 
of Henry Sampson, and afterwards married Richard Cooper. 
Richard Cooper and his wife both died in the spring of 

Greneology of the Tilley Family. 49 

1618, and their only child, Humility, was no doubt placed 
under the care of their nephew, Edward Tilley, who brought 
her, with her half-brother Henry, with him to America. Of 
the famity of John Tilley but little can be said, as he and his 
wife both died during the winter of 1620-21, leaving only 
one child, Elizabeth, who had married John Howland. 

In 1623, we find that another John Tilley arrived at Cape 
Ann from England ; but little can be found relating to him, 
except that he was appointed superintendent of a large fish- 
ing interest at Cape Ann in 1624, and in 1630, he is no doubt 
the same person who was admitted a freeman in Dorchester, 
Mass. He was killed by the Pequot Indians, October, 25th, 

In 1629, Hugh Tilley came from England, and he is men- 
tioned as being a servant to Sir Richard Saltinstall, who set- 
tled in Salem, Mass. 

In 1635, Nathaniel Tilley was registered as a passenger on 
the ship Abigail, and as being thirty-two years of age. 

In 1635, in the same ship Abigail, William Tilley, aged 
twenty years, came from England. He was no doubt the 
cousin of William Tilley, the rope-maker of Boston. 

Thomas Tilley is mentioned as being in Plymouth in 1649, 
but of him no further record can be found. 

From 1649 up to the arrival of William Tilley, the rope- 
maker, the name of Tilley is mentioned in connection with 
some others, showing that they were servants of those with 
whom they came. 


William Tille}^ who arrived in this country in 1660, was 
a rope-maker by trade. He settled in Boston, Mass., and 
bought a large tract of land, south of Milk street near what 
was then called " Cow Lane." Here he erected a large rope- 
walk. The street east of this rope-walk was called 
" Tilley's Lane," and the wharf near his land was called 
" Tilley's Wharf." 

William Tilley married Isabella , by whom he had 

two children, Isabella and Grace. Mrs. Tilley died January 
13th, 1702. His second wife, Abigail Woodmancy, he married 
May 27th, 1703. She survived him and married Judge 
Samuel Sewall, October 19th, 1718. Of her, Jeremy Dummer, 
of London, in a letter to Judge Sewall, May 13th, 1720, 
speaks as follows : " I heartily congratulate you upon your 
happy marriage with Mrs. Tilley. I have had an esteem for 
her character ever since my being at Cambridge, where I was 
a witness of her great goodness in pleading with her father 
for an unfortunate brother, getting him restored to favor, 
though by that means she knew how much she must lose in 
her own fortune. I would not mention this melancholly 
story, bnt it much illustrates my honoured kinswoman's 
merit." The date of her death is not known. There is no 
record of any children of William Tilley by his second wife. 
The date of his death can not be accurately determined, but 
from his will, we judge that he died between November 14th 
and December 9th, 1717. The following is a correct copy of 
his will, recorded in the Records in the Probate office in 
Boston, Mass. It was this will that created such a sensation 
in the family some thirty years ago. 

Will ofWilliam Tilley of Boston. 


This fourteenth day of November, Anno Domini One thousand seven 
hundred and seventeen, I, William Tilley of Boston, in the County of Suf- 
folk in New England, Kope-maker, being of sound Disposing mind and 
memory, tho' visited with sickness and considering that the time of my abode 
here in this world is short, and to be very uncertain, Do therefore make 
and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner following, That is 
to say — 

First of all I commend and resign my spirit into the Hands of God my 
Heavenly Father hoping to obtain the Pardon of my many fold Transgres- 
sions and to Inherit Eternal Life thro the Merits Death and passion and pre- 
vailing Intercession of my Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; my Body 
I desire may be Decently Interred at the Discretion of my Executrixes and 
as touching such Temporal Estate as God in his Providence hath Betrusted 
me withal I will and Dispose thereof in the following manner and form, 
viz. : — 

Imprimis — I will that all my just Debts and Funeral Expences be well and 
truly paid within convenient time after my Decease. 

Item. I give unto my Brother John Tilley living at Edford in Devonshire 
[n Great Britain the sum of twenty pounds and to all his Children which 
shall survive me and be living at Great Britain at the time of my death the 
sum of three pounds a peice. 

Item. I give to my sister Elinor Tilley of Edford aforesd. Ten Pounds. 

Item. I give to my cousin William Tilley Junr. of Boston aforesaid Rope- 
maker the sum of Twenty pounds, and forgive him what he ows me by 
Book or otherwise. 

Item. I give to my son in Law Jonas Clark of sd Boston Brasier the sum 
of Twenty Pounds In token of my Good will towards him all which Lega- 
cys are to be paid within one year after my decease in Bills of credit on this 

Item. I give to my kinsman James Tilley (who now lives with me) the 
sum of nifty pounds to be paid when and so soon as he attains the age of 
twenty one years. 

Item. I give five pounds to the poor of the South Church in Boston, to 
which I belong, and order my Executors to pay the said sum to my Overseer 
Daniel Oliver Esqr. , to be distributed by him to such of them as he shall 
think fit and requisite. 

52 Genealogy of the Tilley Family* 

Item. My will is That my Loving wife Abigail Tilley shall forever have 
hold Enjoy and Convert to her own use all such estate as I may any ways 
lay any claim to by virtue of my marriage to her so that she hath free liberty 
to Dispose of every thing that she hath or is in my possession, that was her 
late Fathers or Mothers who are both deceased. And further my will is 
That my wife shall have the free use Income and Improvement of One half 
of all my estate as well Ileal as personal so long as she continues my widow. 
But in case of her Inter marriage I only Give her the use and benefit of one 
third party of my Estate from thenceforth and for so long time after as she 
shall live. 

Item. I give Devise and Bequeath unto my two Daughters Isabella Arrni- 
tage and Grace Clarke and to their Heirs and assigns forever to be Equally 
Divided between them All the remainder of my Estate as well Real as Per- 
sonal wheresoever the same is lying or may be found, and also what shall 
remain upon the Inter marriage or Decease of my wife — Only it is to be un- 
derstood That in case my said Daugters shall dye without Issue Then I give 
unto my two cousins William Tilley and James Tilley aforenamed and to 
their heirs and assigns forever in Equal halves All my Ropewalk in Boston 
aforesd. with the work house and buildings thereto appertaining and all the 
privileges and appurtenances thereto belonging and which were by me usually 
therewith used occupied and enjoyed. 

Lastly. I do hereby ordain and appoint my Loving wife and Daughters 
Isabella and Grace Executrixes of this my last will, and my worthy friends 
Daniel Oliver and William Welsteed Esqrs. overseers thereof Declaring and 
making void all former and other wills by me made In testimony whereof I 
have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year first before written. 


Signed sealed and delivered Published and Declared by the Testator, to be 
his last will and Testament in presence of us witnesses, the words (Inter 
marriage or) being first interlined. 

Edwd. Gray, Saml. Adams, Samuel Tyley Junr. 

Suffolk ss. 

The aforegoing will being presented for Probate by Abigail 
Tilley one of the Executrixes within named Edward Gray and Samuel Tyley 
Junr. made oath that they saw William Tilley the subscriber of the forego- 
ing Instrument sign seal and heard him publish and Declare the same to be 
his last will and Testament and that when he so did he was of sound dispos- 
ing mind and memory according to these Deponts. best discerning and that 
they (together with Samuel Adams detained from appearing by sickness) 
set to their names as witnesses thereof in the Testators presence. 


Boston, December 9th, 1717. 

A true copy 


Elijah George, Register. 


As before stated but little is known of William Tilley and 
bis wife Dorcas. His son, Deacon William Tilley, Jr., born 
in Newport, R. I., October 19th, 1738, was a man well known 
in his native town. He, like his father and cousin, was a 
rope-maker, and owned all the land east from the Jewish 
synagogue on Touro street to the burial ground on Kay 
street, on which his extensive rope-walks were situated. 
His place of residence was about where now stands the house 
of Councilman Nathan Barker on Elizabeth street near the 
Jewish cemetery. 

Deacon Tilley was married, in 1759, to Elizabeth, daughter 
of Jeremiah Rogers, of Middle town, R. I. They had seven- 
teen children, thirteen of whom lived to grow up and marry. 
The boys all worked for their father at the rope-walk and 
continued the business after his death. After the death of 
his first wife, Deacon Tilley married Catharine Sabine, of 
Rehoboth, Mass. To his third wife, Elizabeth Boone, he was 
married November 3d,* 1821. He had no children by his 
second and third wives. " The Newport Mercury," of Novem- 
ber 10th, 1821, this speaks of his third marriage : " Married, 
on Sunda} 7 last by Rev. Mr. Northup, Deacon William 
Tilley of this town, age 84 years, to Widow Elizabeth Boone, 
age 73 years. The Deacon has had seventeen children, 
ninety grandchildren and thirty great-grandchildren, and 
his oldest child living is now 62 years old." He lived but a 
few years after his third marriage. 

Deacon Tilley died April 14th, 1825, and was buried in 

54 G-enealogy of the Tilley Family. 

the old cemetery at Newport, R. I., on the spot selected by 
him as the family burial ground ; and now can be seen with- 
in a few feet of his grave, no less than forty-six graves of his 
descendants. The following from "The Newport Mercury," 
of April 20th, 1825, pays a fitting tribute to his memory : — 
" Died, on Sunday last, Deacon William Tilley, age 87 years. 
If 60 years of a conscientious discharge of religious and moral 
duties, joined to the endearing and affectionate domestic ties 
of husband, father, son, brother and friends, shall claim from 
our all wise and beneficent Creator, reward and mercy, he 
now enjoys all the heavenly felicity promised b} T the Gospel 
of Christ. His life was a life of piety and usefulness, and to 
the last moments of that life, his faith and confidence was 
unshaken in Christ, the Son of God. He left a numerous 
progeny as well as numerous friends, to mourn his departure, 
10 children, 79 grandchildren and 44 great-grandchildren." 

We copy from the grave stones of Deacon William Tilley 
and his three wives the following inscriptions : 

In Memory of 
Dea William Tilley 
Who Died Aoril 14, 1825 
age 86 years. 

Having for 60 years manifested by his daily walk and con- 
versation that he was a disciple of our Lord and Saviour 
Jesus Christ, faithful in the discharge of his duty as a chris- 
tian, especially in the office of a deacon, to which he was 
early called by the 2d Baptist Church, under the pastoral 
care of Elder Gardiner Thurston. 

The hoary head is a Crown of Glory when found in the 
ways of righteousness. 

In Memory of 

Elizabeth, wife of 

Dea William Tilley 

Who died Aug 28 

1800. Aged 57 years. 

Grenealogy of the Tilley Family. 


Comely as Rachel, fruitful as Leah, 
Prudent as Abigail, with Martha's care ; 
Wise like Mary she chose that better part, 
True faith in Christ, and had a Lydia's heart. 

to the memory of 
2 wife of 
Deacon William Tilley. 
She died Oct. 15 1817 
age 73. 
Through the vicissitudes of life, from youth 
She pious walked the paths of peace and truth. 
Rich in good works and faith, she lived and died. 
Tranquil in death, and come now Lord she cried, 
Receive my spirit, the spirit wings it way 
To God, who gave, to reign in Endless day. 

In Memory of 

Elizabeth Tilley 

Relect of the late • 

Dea William Tilley 

Who died Jan 3 1836 

aged 86 years. 

Long was my sojoin in the vale of tears 
And oft I tasted sorrows bitter cup, 
Yet mild and sweet the draught, compared to His 
Who took the very dregs, and drank it up. 
Upon his breast I leaned my aching head 
When by afflictions my heart was riven, 
I felt him near when on my dying bed 
And low beheld him face to face in Heaven. 
The will of Deacon William Tilley being a very interest- 
ing document, we give it in full. The pictures of Deacon 
William Tilley and his second wife mentioned in his will, 
are still on their journey from house to house where they are 
to remain one year in the custody of each of his children 
and grandchildren. 

Will of Deacon William Tilley. 

In the name of God, Amen. I, William Tilley, of Newport in the county 
of Newport and State of Ehode Island, being tolerably well as to bodily 
health, so as to be about, but far advanced in years, rather above the age of 
men in general and of a sound disposing mind, memory and understanding 
and seriously considering the uncertainty of this transitory life, knowing 
that it is appointed for all men once to die, being desirous of settling my 
worldly concerns, do now while I have my reason and understanding make 
this my last Will and Testament, in manner and form following : — 

Imprimis — My mind and will is, that all my just debts and funeral ex- 
penses be paid as soon as may be after my decease. 

Item. I give and bequeath unto my grandchildren, children of my late son 
Thomas Tilley, deceased, the sum of One Thousand Dollars first deducting 
therefrom what my said son Thomas Tilley, his widow and Children may 
be indebted to me, either by note or book-account, &c, to be divided between 
them share and share alike equally, and whatever balance may befound due 
to them at my decease to be paid in one year after my decease. Also the 
twelfth part of One Thousand Dollars which my late wife, Catharine 
Tilley, deceased, gave to Mary Tilley, widow of my son Thomas Tilley, 
deceased and her children to be paid after my decease. 

Item. I give and devise to my sons William Tilley, Jr., and John T. 
Tilley, my rope-walk where they now work with the tools and implements 
of Kopemaking and the land whereon the same stands, with the privilege of 
Ropemaking and repairing with their yarn through my land to the Tar 
House given my late son Thomas and the said William and John, also I give 
the said William and John T. Tilley a small piece of land of the upper end 
of the rope-walk bounded on Griffin street about 20 feet from the upper end 
of the rope-walk to have and to hold to them equally and to their heirs and 

Item. — I also give and bequeath unto my son Wm. Tilley, Jr., the sum of 
Four Hundred Dollars to be paid in the second dividend of my estate with 
interest until paid, which with one half of the ropewalk makes Nine Hun- 
dred Dollars which is the sum of the first Dividend of my estate given to 
each of my children. I also give unto the said William Tilley, Jr., my best 

Crenealogy of the Tilley Family. 57 

Mahogany Desk ; also one twelfth part of One Thousand Dollars which 
my late wife, Catharine Tilley, gave him at my decease. 

Item. I give and bequeath unto my son John T. Tilley the sum of Four 
Hundred Dollars, to be paid in the 2d dividend of my estate with interest 
until paid, which with one-half of the rope-walk makes nine hundred dollars 
which is the first dividend of my estate given each of my children. I also 
give to the said John T. Tilley, my Mahogany Desk in my son William's 
hands ; also the one twelfth part of One Thousand Dollars which my 
late wife, Catharine Tilley, deceased, gave him at my decease. 

Item. I give and bequeath unto my sons, Abraham D. Tilley and 
George Tilley, the sum of Nine Hundred Dollars each and what they shall 
be deficient to me in the first dividend of my estate, they to be accountable 
to my executors with interest at 4 per cent until paid; also to each of them 
one twelfth part of One Thousand Dollars which my late wife, Catharine 
Tilley, deceased, gave them at my decease. 

Item. I give and bequeath unto my son Benjamin Tilley the sum of Nine 
Hundred Dollars after deducting what he owes me, the balance to be paid 
him one year after my decease with interest at 4 per cent. 

Item. I give and devise unto my two daughters, Mary Swinburne and 
Dorcas Cook, my lot of land with the dwelling-house and the buildings 
thereon standing, which I purchased of Joseph Tillinghast and others ; also 
the grass lot adjoining which I purchased of Jethro Briggs, to hold to 
them equally the said Mary and Dorcas to them,, their heirs and assigns, 
they to have possession thereof in one month after my decease ; also to each 
of them one twelfth part of One Thousand Dollars which my late wife 
Catharine gave them at my decease. 

Item. I give and bequeath unto my daughter, Sarah Burroughs, the sum 
of Eight Hundred Dollars, after deducting what her husband, Green bur- 
roughs, is indebted to me by note, book-account or otherwise; also the one 
twelfth part of One Thousand Dollars which my wife, Catharine Tilley, 
deceased, gave her at my decease. 

Item. I give, devise and bequeath unto my daughter, Elizabeth Cook, 
the lot of land and dwelling-house and other buildings thereon standing 
where my late son Thomas Tilley formerly lived, to have and to hold to her, 
her heirs and assigns ; also one twelfth part of One Thousand Dollars which 
my late wife, Catherine, gave her at my decease; she (the said Elizabeth 
Cook), her heirs and assigns to have the privilege of fetching water from 
the well of water at the house where I now live. 

Item. I give and devise unto my daughter Patience Hudson, the lot of 
land, situate on the Hill, containing about one acre, be the same more or 
less, lying between the two rope-walks, bound North on a highway lately 
laid out; West on the rope-walk occupied by William and John Tilley; East 
on land on which the rope-walk now stands and on the land that I bought 
of my late son Thomas Tilley, and the other part of the land running from 
the lower part of rope-walk to the said highway, not covered ; South on the 
partition fence from one rope-walk to the other close to the Tar House ; also 
I give to my daughter, Patience, the sum of Three Hundred and Fifty Dol- 
lars, first deducting what her husband, Henry J. Hudson, is indebted to me 
by note, book-account or otherwise, the balance to be paid her in one year 

58 Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 

after my decease with interest at 4 per cent; also the one twelfth part of 
One Thousand Dollars which my wife, Catharine Tilley, deceased, gave her 
at my decease. 

Item. I give and bequeath unto my four grandchildren, the children of 
my late son, James Tilley, the sum of Eight Hundred Dollars, to be 
equally divided between them, to be paid in one year after my decease; 
also the one twelfth part of One Thousand Dollars which my late wife, 
Catharine Tilley, left them at my decease. 

Item. I give and bequeath unto all my grandsons bearing and going by 
the name of William, all my wearing apparel to be equally divided among 

Item. At the intercession and persuasion of some of my children I 

had my likeness taken, that all my children may have an opportunity of 
seeing the same. I hereby order and direct that after my decease the said 
likeness be deposited with my daughter, Mary Swinburne, for one year; at 
the expiration of that term the said likeness to be deposited with the next 
oldest for the same term, and in the same manner to all my children until 
they have all had the same for one year; after my children have had the 
same for the term above mentioned, it is my desire that all my grand- 
children should have the same in the manner as my children have had it, 
beginning at the eldest down to the youngest. And whereas the likeness 
of my late wife now in my possession is to be delivered to Mr. Atwell at 
my decease, which he has agreed to dispose of to my family, which when 
purchased is to remain with my children and grandchildren in the same 
way and manner that my likeness is directed to be deposited with them. 

Item. I give and bequeath unto my son, George Tilley, my clock. 

Item. My mind and will is that whatsoever my sons and daughters or 
either of them have drawn from me either by note, book-account or other- 
wise more than the first dividend of my estate, shall be deducted from each 
of their proportions in the second dividend which they will be entitled to 
receive out of my estate. 

Item. My mind and will is that all my children that shall or may be 
indebted to me at my decease, more than what I have given them in this 
my last will and testament, in the first dividend of my estate, shall pay 
interest for such balance until paid at four per cent., and all those that 
the whole of the legacies given shall be due to them at my decease, shall 
receive interest for the same at four per cent, from my decease until paid. 

Item. I give and bequeath unto the First Baptist Church in Newport 
the sum of Twenty Dollars for the sole use and benefit of the poor of the 
church. I also give to the Second Baptist Church in said Newport the sum 
of Twenty Dollars to and for the sole use of the poor of said church. I also 
give to the Third Baptist Church in the said Newport the sum of Ten 
Dollars for the sole use of the poor of the church. I also give to the 
Fourth Baptist Church in said Newport the sum of Twenty Dollars for the 
sole use and benefit of ihe poor of said church; all the above legacies to 
be paid in one year after my decease. 

Item. My mind and will is that the sum of Three Hundred and Fifty- 
six Dollars be deducted out of my daughter Dorcas Cook's share or part 
of the last dividend of my estate. 

G-enealogy of the Tilley Family, 59 

All the rest and residue of my estate, real and personal, of what nature 
orquality whatsoever, or wherever the same may be found not disposed of 
or mentioned, after my just debts, funeral expenses, and legacies before 
mentioned are paid and discharged, I give, devise, and bequeath all the rest, 
residue and remainder of my estate, real and personal to my ten children 
now living and herein before mentioned and named, in equal portions and 
proportions, share and share alike, to hold to them, their heirs and as- 
signs forever. 

Lastly. I hereby nominate and constitute my two sons, William Tilley, 
Jr., and George Tilley, executors of this my last will and testament, not 
doubting but they will execute the same according to the true intent and 
meaning thereof, and as a compensation of the time and trouble in settling 
the said estate I give the sum of One Hundred Dollars to be divided 
between them, hereby revoking all former wills or wills by me heretofore 
made, certifying this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I 
have hereunto set my hand and seal at Newport, this twelfth day of Novem- 
ber in the year of our Lord, One Thousand, Eight Hundred and Nineteen. 

William Tilley. [Seal.] 

Signed, sealed, and published and declared by the said William Tilley 
as and for his last will and testament in presence of us who have here- 
unto set our hands as witnesses thereto at the same time in presence, of 
the testator and in the presence of each other— the words "year," " with 
interest" interlined in the third page before signing, the interlineation on 
the third page done before signing. 

Thomas R. Almy, ^ 

11 W. Stevens, > Witnesses. 

Jonathan Almy, ) 



Whereas I have made my last will and testament bearing date the 12th 
day of November, A. D. 1819, which I ratify and confirm with the follow- 
ing alterations and additions for good causes and considerations, me there- 
unto moving, do by this present codicil hereunto annexed, which I make a 
part and parcel of my said will and testament to be thereunto added : 

I give and devise to my two sons, William Tilley, Jr., and John T. 
Tilley, a strip of land of two feet wide running from Griffin street, 
North on the East side of their rope-walk, to the end thereof. Further, 
I give, devise and bequeath unto my said two sons, William Tilley, Jr.» 
and John T. Tilley, and the person or persons who shall own the othe r 
rope-walk, equally between them a strip or piece of land containing from 
East to West, one hundred and thirty-eight feet in length and from North 
to South, forty feet in width, with the tar house, copper and capstone 
standing on said ground, and in case either of the said parties shall dis- 
agree about using the said copper, tar house or capstone, it is my wish 
that there be no controversy or division among them or either of them ; 
if there shall be any, I hereby order and direct them to divide the ground, 
copper, tar house, capstone and tools belonging to it in such a way and 

60 Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 

manner as they think proper, so that each party may use and improve the 
same separately, not to interfere with each other. 

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal at Newport, 
R. T., this 31st day of August, A. D. 1820. 

William Tilley. [Seal.] 

Signed, sealed, published and pronounced by the said William Tilley as 

a codicil to be annexed to his said last will and testament in presence of 

us, who at his request have set our names as witnesses thereto at the same 

time in presence of the testator and in presence of each other. 

Robert W. Stevens, } 

T. R. Almy, > Witnesses. 

J. Almy, S 


WIItMflja TIIiIiEY. 

The children of Deacon William Tilley were born in New- 
port, R. I., and are now all dead. 

Mary B. Swinburne, his oldest child, is buried with her 
husband in the Island Cemetery, Newport, R. I., near the 
monument of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry. 

Sarah Burroughs, his fourth child, is buried with her hus- 
band, but a few feet North of her father. 

James Tilley, his fifth child, is buried with his second wife, 
next to his father. 

Thomas Tilley, the sixth child of Deacon William Tilley, 
lies buried in the lot next North of his brother James, with 
his wife and oldest daughter. 

William Tilley, Jr., the eighth child, is buried with his 
wife in the lot next North of Thomas, and with him in the 
same lot are buried all of his descendants, not one being now- 

Elizabeth Cook, his ninth child, is buried with her husband 
and several children in the Island Cemetery, Newport, R. I., 
near the monument of Commodore Matthew C. Perry. 

Dorcas Cook, the tenth child, is buried with her husband, 
in the Island Cemetery, Newport, R. I., in the lot where 
nearly all of her children are buried. 

Abraham D. Tilley, the twelfth child, and his wife are 
buried in what was known as the Willow Cemetery, but now 
a part of the Island Cemetery ; in the same lot several of his 
descendants are buried. 

Patience Hudson, the thirteenth child, and her husband, 

62 G-enealogy of the Tilley Family. 

are buried in the same lot with her sister, Dorcas Cook. 

John T. Tilley, the fourteenth child, and his wife are buried 
in the Island Cemetery, Newport, R. I. ; in the same lot are 
buried three of his children. 

George Tilley, the fifteenth child, and several of his family, 
are buried in the Island Cemetery, Newport, R. I. 

Benjamn Tilley, the sixteenth child, is buried with his 
wife in Bristol, R. I. 

Nancy Tew, the seventeenth child, her husband and only 
child are buried in the old burial ground, Newport, near her 
father. • 

The descendants of Deacon William Tilley, now living, 
are scattered throughout the United States, while but a few 
are still living in his native town. These we have not 
space to mention, but a glance at the index of this book 
will give the reader a good idea of where the Tilleys now 

The Descendants of John, the Second Brother. 

Of John but little is known, except that he early left his 
cousin William, the rope-maker of Boston, and settled in 
the State of New York. He is not mentioned in the will of 
William Tilley, of Boston, as are his brothers William and 
James. His two children were born in New York State, but 
of them very little is known. Leonard, his first-born, was 
married in Brooklyn, and afterwards removed to Granby, 
Mass., and his descendants are mostly found in that State. 
Samuel, the younger son of John Tilley, was born in Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., in 1740. In 1783, he left Brooklyn with the 
Royalists and settled in New Brunswick. His descendants 
are scattered throughout New Brunswick, New Foundland, 
and Canada, while a few are found in Ohio and California. 
We regret that our record of John is so incomplete, but, 
after much correspondence and patient waiting, we are com- 
pelled to give it to our readers in the form in which they 
find it. 

G-enealogy of the Tilley Family. 63 

The Descendants of James, the Youngest Brother. 

James, after the death of his cousin William, of Boston, 
settled in New London, Conn., where he married and his 
children were born. Of his descendants we know of none 
living. He was a large property holder in New London, but 
his property has since passed into other hands. His grand- 
son, William Tilley, left New London for parts unknown in 
1825, leaving his wife and son James, who came to Newport, 
R. I., where they died, and a daughter who married and af- 
terwards resided in France, where she died. George, the 
half-brother of William above mentioned, went to North 
Carolina, but of him nothing more is known. The whole 
family of James Tilley, Sr., lived and died in New London, 
and it is only from the records of New London and the papers 
left by Mrs. William Tilley, that we have been able to ob- 
tain what we have of the record of the youngest brother 
James Tilley. 

Other Families of the Name of Tilley. 

There are in the United States six different families by the 
name of Tilley, and two who spell their name Tilly. Only 
three of the former are able to trace their name in this coun- 
try to the year 1735. 

In Washington, D. C, and in Maryland and Virginia, the 
descendants of Thomas Tilley who came from England in 
1736, are quite numerous. Several of them have held impor- 
tant positions under the United States Government and are 
large property holders in Virginia. 

In New York State, a number of the descendants of George 
Tilley of England, who came to this country in 1738, can 
be found. The descendants of John Tilley, a noted pilot of 
Boston, Mass., in 1780, are living in Charlestown, Mass., and 
in Ohio, Iowa and California. 

In New York City, we find several Tilleys who have, with- 
in a few years, cmne from England, mostly from the City of 

64 Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 

In Wilmington, N. C, Providence, R. L, and St. Louis, we 
find one family of Tilleys in each place who are not de- 
scendants of the three brothers whose record we publish, 
nor are the) 7 relatives of either of the Tilleys mentioned 
in this list of unknown, but are alone and can find no con- 
nections in this country. 

The family of Tillys of Connecticut and Massachusetts 
came to the United States but recently from England, and 
they are the only ones spelling their name Tilly in this 
country. In Chicago, 111., one family of Tilleys belonging 
to the colored race is recorded, but of them we could learn 


In presenting this genealogy of the Tilleys, we have en- 
deavored to give a record of each member of the family, as 
far as it could be obtained. Of the descendants of Deacon 
William Tilley we present all ; of the other branches we 
have been unable to collect all that we wished to, but such 
as we have been able to obtain we have arranged in the usual 
form, giving dates where we had them. We now present 
it to our readers with the hope that many pleasant hours 
ma}^ be spent in tracing their genealogy and in finding the 

whereabouts of their relatives. 

R. FL Telle y. 

Of the descendants of William Tilley, of Boston, and of William 
Tilley, the eldest of the three Brothers, 

Those marked * are deceased. pages. 

Allen, Kate Long Island 33, 34 

Allen, Dr. William A " " 34 

*Amsbury, Eliza P Jefferson, Me 13 

*Amsbury, Israel " " 13 

*Armitage, Eliezur Boston, Mass 5 

*Armitage, Isabella " " 5 

*Ayers, Elizabeth J Lindsey, Kansas 21 

Barker, Arnold Middletown, R. I 19 

Barker, Celinda Newport, " 19 

*Barker, Charles Middletown, " 7 

*Barker, Esther A Newport, " 19 

Barker, Henry Middletown, " 34 

Barker, Jane Providence, " 24 

Barker, Josephine Newport, " 34 

*Barker, Mary " " 7 

*Barker, Peter Middletown, " 9 

Barker, Phebe Bristol, " 9 

*Barker, Simeon Middletown, " 24 

*Babcock, Charles Newport, " 8 

Babcock, Charles New York 8 

*Babcock, Henry " " 8 

Babcock, John " " 8 

*Babcock, Mary Newport, R. 1 8 

*Babcock, Mary Pennsylvania 8 

Babcock, William Hartford, Conn 8 

Barlow, Frederick A Newport, E. I 25 

Barlow, Susie J " " 25 

Betoff, Emma Louise " " 26 

Betoff, James H New York 26 

*Boone, Daniel U Newport, R. I 27 

*Boone, Mary C " " 27 

66 Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 

Brainard, Ashel S Wethersneld, Conn 29 

Brainard, Caudis West Meriden, " 29 

Bradley, Sarah East Greenwich, R. I 12 

Brown, Joshua C California 20 

Brown, Lydia Norfork, Va 3q 

Brown, Maria Boston, Mass 15 

Brown, Nebraska Newport, R. I 20 

Brown, Palmer 30 

Brown, William Sidney, Me 15 

Brownell, Charles T Newport, R. 1 34 

Brownell, George " " 34 

Brownell, Mary E " " 34 

Brownell, Mary S " "... 34 

Brownell, William S " " 34 

Brownell, William S. Jr " " 34 

♦Burroughs, Abby " " 7 

♦Burroughs, Betsey " " 7 

Burroughs, Catharine " " 7 

♦Burroughs, Green " " 7 

Burroughs, Green " " 7 

♦Burroughs, John " " 7 

Burroughs, Mary " " 7 

♦Burroughs, Peleg Died at sea 7 

♦Burroughs, Samuel Providence, R. 1 7 

♦Burroughs, Sarah Newport, " 6,7, 61 

♦Burroughs, Sarah Ann Pawtucket, " 7 

♦Burroughs, Thomas Newport, " 7 

♦Burroughs, William " " 7 

Burdick, Ann Gardner, Mass 29 

♦Burdick, Adam Newport, R. 1 45 

Burdick, Captain Daniel D 29, 45 

♦Burlingham, Rebecca T Newport, R. 1 10, 13 

Burlingham, Thomas " " 13 

♦Burlingham, William " " 13 

♦Bush, Mary A " " 18 

♦Bush, Thomas " " 18 

Card, Ann G Providence, R. I 16 

♦Card, John Newport, " 16 

♦Chace, Benjamin " " 28 

Chace, Elizabeth " " 28 

♦Champlin, Amelia T Buffalo, N. Y 23 

Champlin, Carrie M " " 23 

Champlin, Henry S " " 23 

Champlin, Lizzie T " " 23 

Champlin, O. H. P " " 23 

Champlin, O. H. P " " 23 

Champlin, Ruth Amelia " " 23 

Champlin, Stephen C " " 23 

Grenealogy of the Tllley Family. 


Chappell, Abby Newport, E. I 24 

*Chappell, Henry Died at sea 24 

Chase, Edna C Newport, E. I 19,20,45 

♦Chase, John F. " " 20,45 

Chase, John F. Jr " " 20,45 

Church, Annie E Bristol, E. 1 33 

" " 33 

" " 33 

" " 30,32,33 

" " 33 

'• " 33 

" " 32,33 

" " 33 

Church, Benjamin " " 

Church, Eveline " " 

♦Church, Mary " " 

Church, Mary C " " 

Church, Matilda *■ " 

Church, Samuel " " 

Church, Samuel W " " 

Church, Sarah " " 

Church, Thomas " " 

Church, Thomas '• " 

♦(Clarke, Grace Boston, Mass 

♦Clarke, Jonas " " 

Clarke, Lydia , Newport, E. I 

♦Clarke, Thomas .' " " 

♦Coffin, Paul " " 

♦Coffin, Eualmy " " 

♦Coggeshall, Mary C " " 

♦Coggeshall, William " " 

Congdon, Charlotte " " 

♦Congdon, George E Georgetown, S. C . . . 

♦Congdon, George " " 

Congdon, James C Georgetown, S. C. . . 

♦Congdon, John C Newport, E. I 

♦Congdon, John C. C " " 

Congdon, Martha D " " 

Congdon, Nancy " " 

Congdon, Eobert E New London, Conn. 

Congdon, Ruth A Lynchburgh, Va. . . . 

♦Congdon, Sarah P Georgetown, S. C. . . 

Congdon, Sarah P Newport, R. I 

Congdon, William C " " 

Congdon, William P " " 

♦Cook, Betsey " " 

Cook, Catharine " " 

♦Cook, Charles " " 

♦Cook, Clarke " " 

♦Cook, Dorcas " " 

Cook, Eliza " " 

♦Cook, Elizabeth , " «.' 

♦Cook, Elizabeth " " 

♦Cook, Elizabeth " " 

♦Cook, George " " 

♦Cook, Godfrey " " 




5, 6 








... 18, 19 

. ... 16, 17 



68 Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 

Cook, Hannah " " 17 

*Cook, Henry " " 17 

•Cook, Isaac " " 16 

♦Cook, Isaac " " 16 

•Cook, John Jersey City, N. J 17 

•Cook, Lydia Newport, E. 1 16 

•Cook, Mary Ann " " 16 

•Cook, Mary. " " 17 

*Cook, Ruben " " 16 

♦Cook, Ruben Lena, 111 16 

*Cook, Sarah Newport, R. 1 17 

•Cook, William " " 17 

Cove, Francis Areata, Cal 45 

Cove, Richard Iowa 45 

Darling, Mary E Washington, D. C 33 

*Davis, Nathaniel Newport, R. 1 28 

Davis, Rebecca H Lebanon, Conn 28 

Douglass, Abby A Bristol, R. I 

q K 

Easton, Benjamin Newport, R. 1 19 

Easton, Benjamin, Jr " " 19 

♦Easton, Charlotte " " 17,19 

Easton, Elizabeth C " " 19 

Easton, Henry. " " 19 

* Easton, John " " 19 

Easton, Kate Providence," 19 

Easton, Mary Newport, " I 9 

*Easton, Ruth A " " 19 

♦Easton, Thomas " " 19 

♦Easterbrooks, Samuel Bristol, " 33 

Eastcrbrooks, Susan W " " 33 

♦Ellery, Christopher Newport, " 9 

*Ellery, Clarissa " " 9 

Finch, Benjamin Newport, R. I 27 

Finch, Emma " " 27 

Finch, George T " " 27 

Finch, James B " " 27 

Finch, Mary " " 27 

Finch, Sarah " " 27 

♦Gray, Alphia Bristol, R. 1 35 

Gray, John " " 35 

Gray, Mary Ann Corpus Christi, Texas 9, 45 

Hammett, Bessie Newport, R. I : 30 

Hammett, Elizabeth R " " 27 ,30 

Hammett, Frederick " " 30 

Hammett, James H " " 30 

Grenealogy of the Tilley Family. 69 

Hammett, Lincoln Newport, K. 1 30 

•Hammett, Lizzie " " 30 

Hammett, Louise " " 30 

Hammett, Sarah •' " 30 

Hammond, Ann E " " 34 

*Hammond, Kate " " 21 

Hammond, Zenas L " " 21,34 

*Handy, Lydia " " 29 

•Handy, Pardon " " 29 

Hare, Eliza A Norfolk, Va 31 

Hazard, Charles H Middletown, R. 1 17 

Hazard, Benjamin P Georgetown, S. C 17 

•Hazard, George Warren, R. 1 8 

Hazard, George M Newport, R.I 17 

Hazard, James T " " 17 

Hazard, Mary S " " 17 

•Hazard, Mumford " " 17 

Hazard, Sarah E t; " 17 

•Hazard, Sarah T " '• 17 

Hazard, Thomas T JerseyCity,N.J 17 

Hazard, William W Randolph, Mass 17 

Holmes, Addie Providence, R.I 25 

Holmes, John P North Easton. Mass 25 

♦Hudson, Henry J Newport, R. 1 22 

•Hudson, Patience " " 7,22,61 

Hull, Francis " " 13 

•Hull, John " " 13 

Jones, Phineas P Providence, R. I 14 

Jones, Victoria " " 14 

Kline, John Everette Newport, R. 1 23 

•Kline, Joseph E " " 23 

Larkin, Chloe Morisana, Kansas 14 

•Larkin, Content Newport, R. 1 26 

Larkin, Henry Troy, N. Y-. 14 

•Larkin, James 26 

♦Lawton, Benjamin J Wilmington, N. C 25 

Lawton, Catharine C Amherst, Mass 27 

Lawton, Charlotte A Newport, R. 1 23 

Lawton, Charlotte S " " 23 

Lawton, Charles H " " 23 

Lawton, Capt. James E Cranston, " 22 

Lawton, John " " 22 

*Lawton, Margaret T Wilmington, N. C 22,25 

*Lawton, Mary Newport, R. 1 26 

Lawton, Nicholas Cranston, " 22 

♦Lawton, Robert Amherst, Mass 27 

*Lawton, Sarah R Newport, R. 1 22 

Lawton, Thomas A " " 23 


Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 

♦Lawton, William Portsmouth, R. I. 

Lawton, William H Troy, N. Y 

Lawton, William H Newport, R. I 

Lawton, William H., Jr " " 

Lewis, Catharine L " " 

Lewis, George E " " 

Lovie, Annie E " " 

♦Lovie, William " " 

*Marsh, Joseph New Orleans, La. . 

Marsh, Louise Newport, R. I 

*McCurda, Emmiie F Providence, R. I. . 

McCurda, Capt. Isaac " " .. 

*McKenzie, Alice " ".. 

*McKenzie, Rev. James A Tiverton, " .. 

*McKenzie, James A Providence, " .. 

McKenzie, John T Tiverton, " . . 

*McKenzie, Joseph P " " . . 

♦McKenzie, Mary S 

*McKenzie, Sarah Ann " " . 

*McKenzie, Sarah Jane " . 

Melville, Harriet East Greenwich " . 

♦Melville, Thomas Newport, " . 

Miller, Lois F Norfolk, Va 

Molly, Anaster " " 

Munroe, Annie C Bristol, R. I 

♦Munroe, Bennett " " 

Munroe, Elizabeth " " 

♦Munroe, George B " " 

Munroe, George W " " 

Munroe, Lucy B Norfolk, Va 

Munroe, William J Bristol, R. I 

Nason, Charles : Newport, R. I 

Nason, Ella " " 

Nason, Esther Ann " 

Nason, George " 

Nason, Hattie ' 

♦Nicoll, John Died at sea 

*Nicoll, Margaret B Newport, R. I 

♦Nicoll, Sarah B.... " "•■•• 

Peckham, Abraham T Portsmouth, R. I 

♦Peckham, Charlotte H Middletown, " 

*Peckham, Charlotte S 

♦Peckham, Eliza R Newport, ' ' 

Peckham, James T Middletown, " 

♦Peckham, Joshua Newport, R. I. . 

Peckham, Joshua 

♦Peckham John H " 

Peckham, Mary E " 

Peckham, Michael E " 

Peckham, Nancy C " 











. 14,15 


.. 30,32 












Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 


Peckham, Phebe Ann Providence, R. I. . 

*Peckham, Rebecca H Middle town, R. I. 

♦Peckham, Ruth T Wakefield, ' ' 

♦Peckham, Sarah P. Middletown, " 

Peckham, Thomas S " " 

Peckham, William T Newport, R. I 

Perry, Emma J Boston, Mass .... 

Perry, Herbert L " " 

*Philips, Capt. Samuel Newport, R. I 

♦Philips, Caroline " " 

Pitman, Catharine T Providence, R. I. . 

Pitman, Charles D " " 

Pitman, Charles H " ".... 

Pitman, Elizabeth A " "... 

Pitman Lydia B " " 

Pitman, Mary E " " 

Pitman, Pemelia B " " 

Pitman, Rebecca T " ".... 

Pitman, Thomas T " " 

♦Pitman, William " ".... 

Pitman, William " " 

Popple, Hattie B Newport, " ... 

Popple, John M " " ... 

Powell, Abby " " ... 

Powell, Carrie " " ... 

♦Powell, Charles '< "... 

Powell, Charlotte " "... 

Powell, Frank " "... 

♦Powell, James C " " 

Powell, James T , " " ... 

Powell,RuthA " "... 

♦Prentiss, Clara B Fall River, Mass . . 

♦Prentiss, Grace Middletown, R. I 

♦Prentiss, William M Fall River, Mass. . 

Pullen, MaryS .Newport, R.I 

♦Pullen, Randall " ".... 

♦Pullen, Sadie " " 

Rathburn, Lydia Providence, R. I. 

Rathburn, William " " 

♦Read, Elizabeth Newport, R. I 

♦Read, Leo Chelsea, Mass. . . . 

♦Read, William " " 

♦Read, William M Boston, " 

Remington, Mary Providence, R. I. . 

♦Remington, Peter P Newport, R. I . . . 

♦Remington, Peter " " 

♦Remington, Rualmy " " 

Remington, Sarah " " 


, .. 10,11 

. . . 19,20 

. .. 20 

. . . .22 


.. - 16 





72 Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 

Roberts, Julia IS" East Greenwich, R. 1 12 

Roberts, William S " " " 16 

♦Rogers, Elizabeth Newport, R. 1 6 

♦Rogers, Jeremiah. " " 2 

♦Rogers, Patience ' " " 6 

*Sabine, Catharine Newport, R. 1 6 

Seabury, Edward C Lynchburgh, Va 18 

Seabury, Eliza M " " 18 

♦Seabury, John Kirkpatrick " " 18 

*Seabury, Mary P Wisconsin IS 

♦Seabury,' Mary T .Lynchburgh, Va 17,18 

Seabury, Peleg " "... 18 

Seabury, Peleg S " " 18 

Seabury, Robert M " " 18 

*Se wall, Judge Boston, Mass 6 

Sherman, Clara Providence, R. 1 8 

Sherman, Eliza " " 8 

Sherman, James " " 8 

Sherman, Lyciia Newport, R. 1 21 

Sherman, Mary E " " 21 

Sherman, P. Remington Providence, " 8 

Sherman, Sarah " " 8 

♦Sherman, Thomas " " 8 

Sherman, Thomas " " 8 

Sherman, William " " 8 

♦Sherman, William G Middletown, " 21 

♦Simmons, Jonathan " " 30 

♦Simmons, Racheal Bristol, ' ' 30 

Simpson, Martha Newport, " 27 

♦Simpson, Thomas " " 27 

♦Sinkins, Capt. George 10 

♦Sinkins, Mary Newport, R. 1 10 

Slade, James Jefferson, Me 14 

Slocum, Edmond D New York 26 

Slocum, Edmond D. Jr Newport, R. 1 26 

Slocum, Lena R " " 27 

Slocum, Mary E " " 26 

Slocum, Mary E " " 26 

Slocum, Susan G " " 26 

Smith, Charles Providence, " 10 

Smith, Mary Ann " . " 10 

Smith, Mary Anna, , " " 10 

Smith, Mary Ann E " " 10 

Smith, Rebecca " " 10 

Smith, Sarah " " 10 

♦Smith, Stephen Columbus, O 10,45 

♦Stockford, Eliza Warren, R. 1 8 

♦Stockford, John " " 8 

Sweet, Mrs. Julia Newport, R. 1 29 

G-enealogy of the Tilley Family. 73 

Sweet, LillieL Newport, R. 1 29 

*Sweet, Mary East Greenwich, R. 1 10,45 

*Swinburne, Daniel T Newport, R. 1 7 

*Swinbnrne, Elizabeth " " 7 

*Swinburne, Lydia " " 7 

*Swinburne, Mary B " " 6,7,61 

♦Swinburne, Mary K " " •• 7 

*Swinburne, Thomas " 7 

•Taylor, Capt, Edward E Newport, R. I 25 

Taylor, Mary C " " 25 

Tew, Amelia " " 23 

•Tew, Nancy " '* 7,35.62 

•Tew, William " " 23 

•Tew, Ruth " " 17 

•Tew, Captain William " " 35 

•Tew, Capt. William " " 17 

Thomas, Harriet East Greenwich, R. 1 11,12 

Thomas, Jesse " " " 12 

Thomas, Mary E " " " 12 

Tilley, Aaron S Newport, R. 1 27,29 

Tilley, Abby F East Greenwich, R. I. 11,12 

Tilley, Abby R Newport, R. I 20,21 

Tilley, Abraham A " " 19,20 

•Tilley, Abraham D " " 7,17,61 

Tilley, Abraham H " " 17,19 

•Tilley, Ann Bouton " " 22,23 

Tilley, Annie C Morisana, Kansas 14 

Tilley, Annie Lincoln Bristol,, R. I 9,10 

•Tilley, Annie P " " 33,34 

•Tilley, Benjamin " '" 7,30,62 

Tilley, Benjamin Norfolk, Va 30,31 

Tilley, Benjamin F U. S. Navy 33 

•Tilley, Benjamin H Newport, R.I 20,21 

•Tilley, Benjamin J " " 22,25 

Tilley, Benjamin R Bristol, " 30,33 

•Tilley, Caroline Amelia Newport, " 18 

Tilley, Carrie S Colorado 21 

•Tilley, Catharine Taunton, Mass 30,31 

•Tilley, Catharine Bristol, R, 1 30*34 

•Tilley, Catharine M Jefferson, Me 14 

Tilley, Charles A Providence, R. 1 15 

•Tilley, Charles C Newport, " . . , 27,28 

Tilley, Rev. Charles C Newton, Mass 14,15 

Tilley, Charles E Providence, R. 1 28 

Tilley, Charles H " " 28 

Tilley, Charles H Newport, " 30,34 

Tilley, Charles N " " 22,24 

Tilley, Clara E Norfolk, Ya 31,32 

Tilley, Clara M East Greenwich, R. 1 11,12 

74 Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 

Tilley, Clarence ..Bristol, R. I.. 9.10 

Tilley, Edgar H. . . .West Meriden, Conn 29 

Tilley, Edith May Newport, R. I 25 

♦Tilley, Edward L " " 27 

Tilley, Edwin. East Greenwich, R. I 12 

Tilley, Edwin E. .-. . .Corpus Christi, Texas. 9,45 

Tilley, Edwin H. Newport, R. I 34 

Tilley, Edwin M. Norfolk, Va 30,31 

Tilley, Edwin M East Greenwich, R. 1 11,12 

*Tilley, Eleaza Newport, R. I 10,13 

Tilley, Eliza S. " " 9 

*Tilley, Elizabeth Moore " " 15 

•Tilley, Elizabeth M. R " " .15,16- 

Tilley, Elsie Ann " " 29,30 

Tilley, Emma Gardner, Mass 29 

Tilley, Emma Bristol, R. I 35 

Tilley, Emma. .East Greenwich, R. I. 12 

Tilley, Emma H Morisana, Kansas 14 

*Tilley, Emma M Corpus Christi, Texas 9,45 

Tilley, Etta Finch. West Meriden, Conn 29 

♦Tilley, Francis 30,32 

Tilley, Frank East Greenwich, R. I 12 

♦Tilley, Frank Woolsey Providence, R. I 16 

Tilley, Frederick Newport, " 29,30 

♦Tilley, Dea. George. " " 7,26,62 

Tilley, George....... Bristol, " 30,35 

Tilley, George. Areata, Cal 17,22,45 

Tilley, George A .Newport, R. 1 29 

♦Tilley, George A Washington, D. C 33,34 

Tilley, George H ............... . Morisana, Kansas 14 

*Tilley, George H Newport, R. 1 20,21 

♦Tilley, George M Providence," 14,15 

♦Tilley, GeorgeS. Warren, " 10,13 

Tilley, George T .Norfolk, Va 31,32 

Tilley, George W Newport, R. I 26 

Tilley, George W. . . Amherst, Mass 28 

Tilley, George W. T. Newport, R. I 19 

Tilley, Grace M Corpus Christi, Texas 9,45 

Tilley, Harriet East Greenwich, R. I 12 

*Tilley, Harriet Mary. Providence, R. 1 15 

Tilley, Henry C. East Greenwich, R. 1 13 

♦Tilley, Henry C ......... . . .Providence, R. 1 14 

*Tilley, Henry C " " 11,12 

Tilley, Henry H Washington. D. C 33 

Tilley, Henry H .Newport, R.I 27 

♦Tilley, Henry Hudson " " , 15 

♦Tilley, Herbert ■ " " 28 

Tilley, Herbert C " " 19,20 

Tilley, Herbert S Bristol, " 9,10 

G-enealogy of the Tilley Family. 75 

♦Tilley, Dea. James. East Greenwich, E. 1 10,11 

♦Tilley, James Newport, " . 6,7,61 

*Tilley, James . . " " . 17,20 

*Tilley, James Easton . . " u 19 

*Tilley, James Harrison " " . . . 26 

♦Tilley, James L " " 26 

Tilley, James S , .New Fork City. 11 

Tilley, Jennie E Newport, E. I 20 

Tilley, Jennie Molly .Norfolk, Va 31,32 

♦Tilley, John New York State 5 

Tilley, John B Newport, E. 1 29 

*Tilley, John Henry Warren, ** 13 

Tilley, John Henry Newport, " 24 

•♦Tilley, John Tabour " " 7,22,62 

*Tilley, John T., Jr " " 22,23 

Tilley, Joseph Boutelle Areata, j Cal 22,45 

Tilley, Julia Bristol, E. I 35 

Tilley, Kate Norfolk, Va.... •>. 31 

Tilley, Lawinston G Boston, Mass 14,15 

Tilley, Lettie Louise Providence, E. I 25 

Tilley, Louis Crawford Norfolk, Va 31 

Tilley, Louis E Newport, E. I 27 

Tilley, Lydia Eva 30,32 

Tilley, Lydia L Norfolk, Va 32 

♦Tilley, Margaret H Newport, E. 1 22,25 

Tilley, Maria E Bristol, " 9,10 

*Tilley, Mary Ann East Greenwich, E. 1 11,45 

Tilley, Mary E Morisana, Kansas 14 

Tilley, Mary Eva Norfolk, Va 31,32 

Tilley, Mary E Newport, E. 1 21 

Tilley, Mary P " " 20 

Tilley,MaryS " " 13 

♦Tilley, Mary Swinburne " " 15,16 

Tilley, MauriceP Norfolk, Va 32 

Tilley, Mercy East Greenwich, E. 1 11,45 

♦Tilley, Mira Gardner, Mass 29 

♦Tilley, Nancy Newport, E. 1 30,33 

Tilley, Percival " " 21 

♦Tilley, Eacheal S " " 30,34 

♦Tilley, Eacheal " " 34 

Tilley, Eisbrough H " " 25 

Tilley, Robert L Gardner, Mass 27,28,29 

♦Tilley, Samuel E North Dighton, Mass 33 

*Tilley, Samuel P Providence, E. I 18 

*Tilley, Sarah Newport, E. I. . . . . 27,28 

Tilley Simeon B Providence, E. I 24 

Tilley, Stockford E Bristol, " 9 

Tilley, Susan E ...Newport, " 15,16 

Tilley, Thomas " " 6,10,61 

76 Genealogy of the Tilley Family. 

♦Tilley, Thomas East Greenwich, R. I 11,45 

*Tilley, Thomas . " " 11,45 

Tilley, Thomas Morisana, Kansas . 14 

Tilley, Thomas C. ............ . . .Norfolk, Va . . . 30,32 

Tilley, Thomas J . . . . East Greenwich, R. I ......... 11,12 

*Tilley, Thomas R " " 10,45 

♦Tilley, Thomas S Newport, R. I. . 17,20 

Tilley, Thomas S... ,. " "... 21 

*Tilley, Thomas S., Jr. " " 20,21 

Tilley, Walter R .Providence, R. 1 15 

Tilley, Wilhelmina Norfolk, Va 31 

♦Tilley, William Boston, Mass 5,6,50,51,52 

♦Tilley, William. East Greenwich, R. 1 11,45 

♦Tilley, Dea. William. Newport, R, I 6,53,54,55,50 

♦Tilley, William, Jr. " " ...'. 6,53 

•Tilley, William, Jr " " ....6,15,61 

Tilley, Rev. William Jefferson, Me .10,13,14 

♦Tilley, William B.. 30 

Tilley, William B Norfolk, Va 31 

*Tilley, William C. Newport, R. I. 19,20 

*Tilley, William C Providence R. 1 15,16 

♦Tilley, William H'. '.'.'..". ' " "... ^ 

Tilley, William H... .. " " 14,15 

♦Tilley, William H " " 24 

♦Tilley, William James Newport, " 8 

Tilley, William James Corpus Christi, Texas 9,45 

Tilley, William J Providence, R. I 

Tilley, Rev. William J Brandon, Vt 

Tilley, William J., Jr. .Providence, R. 1 24,25 

Tilley, William J., 3rd. ......... . " 25 

Tilley, William Lovie .Newport, " 20,21 

Tilley, William L " - 27,28 

Tilley, William M .............. . Norfolk, Va 31 

Tilley! William P - " " -■ ••• ••• 30,31 

*Tilley, William Tew .Newport, R. I 17,18 

Tilley, Winnefried Providence, R. I ...... . 28 

Travers, Catharine J ......... . . .Brandon, Vt 33 

Vose, Catharine • • • • -Newport, R. I 13 

y-H it ii TO 

Vose, Mary C ■ ( ** 

Vose, William S . . .' ' ■ 

Vose, William S., Jr. ' • ■ ■ 




♦Ward, Ann .Newport, R. I 

Warner, Lucius .... ......... Warren, 

Warner, Mary Jane. ' 8 > 9 

Warner, Oliver S S3 

Warner, Susan E — 33 

Weeks, Artilitta Jefferson, Me 14 

♦White, GeorgeP Central Falls, R. 1 21 

G-enealogy of the Tilley Family. 11 

Williamson, Emily E . ...... . 84 

Wilson. Carrie T Newport, K. I. 23 

Wilson, Elizabeth B East Greenwich, E. I 12 

Wilson, Joseph K Newport, R. I .............. . 23 

Wilson, Oliver C... " "........ 23 

Wilson, Robert " " 23 

Wilson, Robert " "........ 23 

Wood, Caroline Chelsea, Mass .... 18 

Wood, Joseph G- " " 18 

*Woodmancy, Abigail Boston, Mass ......... 6,50 

Index of the Descendants of John Tilley, the Second Brother. 

Allurton, Elizabeth 41 

Baker, Anna M 40 

Baker, Frederick ' 40 

Baker, R 40 

Bartlette, Amelia 38 

Bartlette, George 38 

Bartlette, Laman 38 

Bartlette, Ruth 38 

Briggs, Sarah 40 

Buckland, Asneth 37 

Butterfield, David 38 

Butterfield, Mary 38 

Chace, Mary 39 

Deney, Julia E 37 

Goucher, Ambrose 40 

Goucher, Anna 40 

Goucher, Ella G 41 

Goucher, Inglis 41 

Goucher, Laura G 41 

Goucher, Leonard G 41 

Goucher, Mary 40 

Gove, Jeremiah 41 

Handford, Julia 39 

Morgan, Mary 38 

Morse, Ann 39 

Morse, Benjamin 39 

Nicholson, Charlotte 41 

Peters, Samuel L 40 

Peters, Susan Ann 39 

Phinney, Levina ......... 41 

Plummer, Ann 41 


Grenealogy of the Tilley Family* 

Sheldon, Isaac. . 
Sheldon, Sallie . 

Thayer, Arnold . . 
Thayer, Jerusha. 
Thayer, Mary... 
Thayer, Nellie . . 
Thayer, Nelson . . 
Thayer, Porter. . 
Thayer, William. 

















































































Albert. ...... 

Alexander. . . , 
Annie L ..... . 






David ........ 


Elizabeth .... 



Fanny H . . . . 





George ... 

George ....... 


Harris A 

Harry Clifford , 
Hiram ........ 

Hiram ........ 

Jacob. ....... 





















G-enealogy of the Tilley Family. 




Maria. . . 

Mary A 

Mary Ann. 


Norris . 


Orin E.... 
Otis ... 







. , 38 




Phebe. , 39,40 

Porter 37 

Rebecca 39,40 

Richard 41 

Ruth 37 

Samuel 36,38 

Samuel 39,40 

Samuel 41 

Samuel L 39 

Samuel L 40 

Sarah 41 

Thomas H 40,41 

Thomas M 39 

Wiswell, Eliza. 


Index of the Descendants of James Tilley, the Third Brother. 

Huntington, Jerusha 43 

Miller, Jeremiah 
Miller, Marv 

Savel, Hannah. . 
Savel, John. . . . 
Short, Minerva. 
Short, William. 

Tilley, Elizabeth. 

Tilley, George... 

Tilley, James. . . . 

Tilley, James 

Tilley, Jeremiah. 

Tilley, Mary..... 

Tilley, Mary 

Tilley, William..